Android Central Holiday Gift Guide: Android Gifts for the frequent traveler

What do you get for the friend or loved one who's always on the road? Android accessories to help them on the road, of course! If you're an Android road warrior or know someone who is (they're easy to spot -- look for the gear bag), you'll know that you can never have enough chargers, cases, cards and cables while you're on the go. It's a matter of survival, really.

Join us after the break as we check out our must-have gifts for the Android traveler.

Wait! Before we continue, spot that phone!

If you're buying for a friend or family member, you might need to know which phone they have. That mainly goes for cases and skins and the like. Don't want to get the wrong case for their phone and then ruin the holidays, do you? DO YOU?

Easiest thing to do is just ask. But try not to be too obvious. Just sidle up as they're using their phone and be all, "Hey, that's a really cool phone! Is it the (insert the completely wrong phone)?" Chances are they'll be more than happy to set you straight. (If you really want to get their goat, call it a BlackBerry.)

The other thing you can do is check out our Android Central Device Guide -- it has just about every device available.

Best cases for serious travel

There are several categories of cases, depending on who much protection and/or style your road warrior may need.

Holster cases: These are the tried-and-true favorites for a lot of people. The holster clips to the belt or bag, and the phone fits in the holster, with the screen facing in for protection.

Android cases

Leather cases:

Some slip into the pocket, others can ride on the hip. But they all have the same purpose: Protect the phone while looking as good in the boardroom as they do in the living room.

Skin cases: If you're looking for basic protection from nicks and scratches without all the fuss of a full case, a skin case may be the way to go.

Hard cases: These often are the big daddies. Unabashed, unapologetic protection. Some hard cases can actually be a case (or two) inside a case.

Protective films: This is the next best thing to being naked. (Your phone, that is.) Protective film is a clear ... well, film ... that sticks to your phone and is barely noticeable.

Weather-resistant cases: If the phone's going to be anywhere near the snow or surf or rain, weather-resistant cases keep the phone safe and dry -- and still allow you to use the device through the bag.

Batteries, chargers and cables

Now that you've picked out a case, it's time for the second-most important thing for a road warrior -- power. If the phone's dead, it's of no use to anyone.

Android batteries

Spare batteries:

 Android phones have removable batteries, and there's no shame in having to swap it out during the day. There are three basic kinds of spare batteries. "Stock" batteries are what you get with the phone. Same physical size, same power reserve. Then there are "stock size, extended-life" batteries. They're physically the same size as the stock battery, but hold more juice. And finally there are the big-daddy "extended batteries" that can double the life of your phone. And they require a new battery door and make the phone bigger.

Spare chargers: A travel-sized charger is a must for anyone who's on the road. You might even think about snagging two chargers -- Bluetooth headsets and other accessories often use the same microUSB charger.

Cables: Don't overlook the standard microUSB cable, too. It's handy for plugging your phone into your laptop so it can charge while you work.

Entertainment: Because all work and no play ...

microSD cards:

 Phones are better than ever for playing movies while you're stuck on a long flight. They're also great for playing music. A 16GB card should be able to hold a few moves and a whole bunch of music.

Headphones: Why stick with crummy earbuds? A proper set of headphones makes a world of difference. They're perfect for on a plane, in a cab, on a train -- they're a must.

External speaker: If headphones just won't get the job done, consider the Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker. It's small enough to fit in a carry-on bag, but big enough so that you won't feel like you're listening to your tunes through a tin can.

Phil Nickinson