Android Central Holiday Gift Guide: Android gifts for a music lover

Everyone loves music. So it's a good thing that most Android devices are also great media and music players as well. If you've got a music lover in your family that's also an Android device owner,  some accessories to better their music listening experience will go a long way at Christmas time. Hit the break for some ideas of what to set them up with.

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Stocking Stuffers

First, Identify that phone

This is a tricky one for some folks, especially when buying for others. With the wide array of options out there one has to be careful and not buy something that may not work with a specific device. But, that's ok. We've got a great Android device guide set up in order to help you figure out which device is which. Worst case, you can always just ask what device it is. If they're an Android owner chances are they'll be glad to tell you all about it.

Storage space is needed

microSD cards:

Although most Android devices come equipped with lots of storage space most folks will need more. As music collections grow, so does the space needed to hold those collections. Any music fan out there will certainly love some micro SD Cards. Plus, they go beyond just music as well. So they'll have plenty of room to store music, pictures, documents and more.

Getting the right sound:

Headphones:  When it comes to listening to music, having a good set of headphones is an absolute must. After all, you want the music to sound good. We got you covered there.

Multimedia dock: While most times we find ourselves listening to music on the go, often times its good to just sit down and relax and listen. Multimedia docks are a great way to do so, as they can easily be sat on a desk or table.

In-Car Speakerphones: No better way to take your tunes with you on the road than with a car kit speakerphone.  Not only can users enjoy hands free conversations while driving (and avoid tickets) but they allow the user to stream their entire media library through the car stereo using the built-in FM Transmitter.

Staying charged up

Android batteries

Spare batteries:

It's no secret that playing media on devices can tear through a battery rather quickly. For that, if you're picking up goodies for the music lover in your house you'll also want to be sure the music never stops by grabbing an extra or extended battery for them.

Spare chargers: Spare chargers are great as well. Be it for in the car or on the go having a spare charger kicking around is always a good thing.

Cables: Let's not forget, cables. Cables are great for not only charging your device but also great for transferring media to and from which is essential for the music lover.