Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Vices

This past week we asked to see your vices -- the things you do even though you know you shouldn't. We all have them, and we got to see a bunch of them in the contest thread. Our winner for the week is sushiguy732, who really likes his wine. He also likes his Samsung Fascinate, which he used to take this great picture. Nice work, sushiguy732. Be on the lookout for info about your prize!

Wine wasn't the only thing we overindulge in, and sushiguy wasn't the only one to submit a great photo. We've picked out or favorites (after the break) and you can see them all in the contest thread. We're kicking off another contest tomorrow, so keep those lenses clean!

Photo credits, in order:

  1. anthonycr; LG Optimus V (bonus points for getting the vice grips in after all!)
  2. G_Ryan; Verizon Galaxy Nexus and edited with Photoshop Touch
  3. JDGAFFLIN; Nexus S 4G
  4. orlanka; Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Vignette app
  5. reelon; Motorola Flipside
  6. Ronyo; HTC Sensation and the Camera Zoom FX app
  7. ShadowCatcher; HTC Rezound
  8. turdbogls; Verizon Galaxy Nexus and Pixlr-o-matic
  9. paulkww; HTC Sensation
Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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