Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Sunset or sunrise

The winner of this week's Android Central photo contest is Travis Detweiler with his picture of sunrise over Tampa Bay.  Taken with his HTC EVO 3D while heading out into the gulf to catch a few Amberjack and Grouper.  Travis says he didn't use any particular camera app or effects, just the camera as-is on his 3VO.  He captured the theme and framed the perfect shot.  Congrats, Travis!

We had well over a thousand entries, and while it took a while to look through them all it was quite enjoyable -- you guys and gals can take some awesome pictures.  We've collected the 10 runners-up for you to enjoy as well, hit the break to see them.  Don't forget, we're starting up a new round tomorrow, so keep an eye out.  

In no particular order, the ten runners-up.  Click to see the larger images

Photographer: Anton K. 

Photographer: Daniel Chollet

Photographer: DJ Ready Cee

Photographer: Ian Frazier

Photographer: Capt. Jason Barnes

Photographer: Luke Embley

Photographer: D Brown

Photographer: Michael Adelman

Photographer: Rich Stillman

Photographer: Yang Wen

Jerry Hildenbrand
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