Get the Android Central wallpaper; name our Android contest!

We have big things planned for Android Central and we want you to be a part of it. We kicked things off with the new logo you see up top. We also have our Android representing us, you, and, well, the whole platform. Go on and download the free Android wallpaper in the our Forums - available in both light and dark flavors (and find more Android wallpapers in our Wallpapers, Ringtones and Themes forums).

Back to our little friend up top. Little guy (or gal) needs a name and that's where you come in. Head on over to this forum thread and post your suggestion for a name. We'll read through them all and pick our favorite on Friday afternoon and give the winner the Android case of his or her choice from the Android Central Store.

So grab the wallpaper here and name our Android here (where the rules are too) and stay tuned for more awesome. (Comments off on this post - hie thee to the forums!)

Phil Nickinson