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Android Central Podcast: MediaTek, Google buys Fitbit, Pixel performance

Fossil Hybrid HR
Fossil Hybrid HR (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Andrew Martonik is joined for a live episode by Michael Fisher and David Cogen, proprietor of the YouTube channel TheUnlockr, to chat about the news of the week, including Google's purchase of Fitbit and the overall wearable landscape. They also discuss some ongoing issues with Pixel 4, and David provides a look at Sony's Xperia 5.

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  • Great show as ALWAYS guys, many thanks, Richard U.K
  • Hi guys! Thank you for great podcast. Just note regarding smartwatches and especially hybrid ones. You should check out Garmins offering. They do those expensive Marq ones, but also cheaper and just as awesome Fenixes, hybrid Vivomoves etc. I have Fenix 3 for 3 years not and only recently started thinking about replacement and it will be most definitely Garmin again. Great fitness features, last 2 weeks and they look great...