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We've got three days down, and CES 2012 is slowly winding down.  We've seen a number of new devices, heard a lot of promising news from folks like Intel, and had time with some awesome accessories and plain old cool tech.  In case you missed any of yesterday's news, here's a recap:

Hardware news

Android's Samsung Galaxy Nexus versus the Windows Phone HTC Titan II

Hands-on with the first Intel Android phone, the China-bound Lenovo K800

Software news

Socks-on with Samsung's washing machine Android app

T-Mobile shows off Bobsled Messaging - free cloud-based SMS texting

Ford talks Focus Electric and its deep integration with Android

Ford shows off updated Sync vehicle Android integration

First look at the Supertooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speaker

Other cool news

CES 2012: A quick look at Powerbag!

Supertooth announces Disco 2 Bluetooth speaker

Special edition podcast

Mobile Nations + TCPJ Special: CES 2012 wrap up