Android Central App

We've pushed out an update to the official Android Central App this week (you may also know it in Google Play as the AC App for Android) that addresses a few bugs and adds the beginnings of a much-requested feature.

Here's what's up:

First, we've added the ability to save a story. To do so, you'll need to open the story itself, then hit the overflow menu and choose "Save story." You'll find your list of saved stories in the section dropdown of the index view. (We'll add the ability to mark a story as saved from the index in a future build, but we wanted to go ahead and get this one out there.)

Story saving in Android Central App

This will let you essentially bookmark stories that you want to refer back to, or read offline. To remove a story from your saved list, open the story and then choose "Remove" from the overflow menu. Again, we'll refine this a bit in a future build.

That's the big one. But we've also improved network connection performance and reliability, and we've updated the styling of the featured stories carousel.

We're nowhere near done yet — more is on the way!

And because apparently this is a thing for some folks, we've also updated the app icon to match the icon in Google Play. (If you don't see it updated in your launcher at first, look for it at your next reboot.)

This is just the beginning. We've begun laying the groundwork for a more major redesign, including (gasp!) proper tablet layouts, notification and search. That'll take some time, though, and we thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, give this build a go. And if you've got a minute, we'd love for you to leave a review on Google Play.