The Android Central 100,000-follower Twitter contest

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Congrats to @mikedaub for winning!

By the time many of you read this, we'll likely have we eclipsed 100,000 followers on Twitter. While it's really not about the numbers -- we'll take quality over quantity any day of the week -- it's certainly a milestone worth noting. And worth celebrating. And you know how we celebrate around here. We give you the gifts.

That's it. Oh, and about that prize. Maybe watch the video above. Then read this.

Contest ends at 9 p.m. EDT Thursday. We'll announce a winner Thursday night, live on the Android Central Podcast. Good luck, happy tweeting, and thanks for making us the biggest and best Android community around!

  • Done!
  • Done!! That statue is scary!!!
    62 away from 100,000 as of this message!
  • Hmmm.... I wonder what the prize could be? You should have left it there!
  • Wooooo!!!! I made sure I was 100,000, but it seemed like 85 people unfollowed trying to do the same thing. Went from 100,002 when I followed down to 99,915 when I refreshed the page.
  • Oops , I accidentally posted in Facebook & tweeted it in twitter. , when I used my M.A.P. UI social widget
  • Sweet! That would make a great hood ornament.
  • YEAH.... We Took Down Twitter....
  • congrats android central
    i hope i win
  • Garrr... It's moments like this I wasn't one of the working folk on Smartphone Experts. It's sooo creepy. I WANT TO WIN IT!!! I wonder if it has chocolate inside. That would rock.
  • I, like everyone else on here, would really love to win that thing. But lets be honest, with all bworley50 did for everyone before the Bionic was released, it needs to be sitting on his mantle. Just saying...
  • +1 to gorgalis. I really have no desire towards the bionic but that dude gave a ton of his time to those that wanted it.
  • Great contest!
  • Darn thought they would give away a Bionic but I still threw my name in the hat
  • Hope I win! Wonder what the prize is...
  • done!
  • Sweet! I <3 Android Central!
  • entered! Thanks AC
  • entered! Thanks AC
  • Cool. :)