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Android 7.0 is now available for the U.S. unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge [Updated: OTA rolling out]

Update, May 8: According to several users on Reddit and elsewhere, the Nougat update is rolling out over-the-air to most unlocked Galaxy S7 users, which is a bonus for those not wanting to mess with Smart Switch.

Everyone was happy when Samsung decided to sell a factory unlocked Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge last year. First-adopters and enthusiasts wanted it and they got it. But nobody was happy when it was forgotten any time an update rolled around for carrier versions. If you were one of these enthusiasts and bought a Galaxy S7 edge, you need to start looking for your USB cable because Android 7.0 is available through Samsung's Smart Switch desktop software.

The full change log courtesy of userFscC8dPJ4j at Samsung's official forums{.nofollow}:

  • OS upgrade - Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Provides new UX and various performance modes
  • Improved usability of the Notification feature and Quick settings button
  • Improved usability of the Multi window
  • Improved setting menu and AOD feature, addition of the Samsung pass feature
  • Efficient space for installation of downloaded apps, improved speed of system upgrade and app installation

According to information at Samsung's forums, there is no OTA update just yet and no specific date when or if it will become available. The same goes for the "regular" non-edge U.S. unlocked Galaxy S7; no news when or how.

The update brings the April 1, 2017 security patch and is ready and waiting if you haven't already flashed a T-Mobile ROM to your GS7 edge. If you give it a try or have already updated, holler in the comments so we all know how things are going!

Thanks to Tom for the tip!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Encouraging, but disappointing that they didn't also release the non-edge variant. Probably last time I buy a Samsung device. I was hoping that the updates for an unlocked/non-carrier based device would be updated more regularly, but I was so very wrong.
  • This is so messed up... an Android enthusiast has to choose between hardware and software. You choose one to give up the other. Of course, the avg user doesn't care and that makes it even more painful.
  • Well all 7.0 really did was introduce poor UI changes, didn't see any new features on my S7. Couldn't care less about the upgrade personally, nothing was wrong with marshmallow.
  • What? What are you talking about?
  • Right? I was reading his comment like, wait what?
  • Hey...isn't it May 1st?
    pretty bogus.
  • Lmao! That's some kind of pathetic, right there. Let me be first in line to purchase the US specific unlocked S8's. 😂
  • Those are the unlocked versions. The carrier specific ones got updated already.
  • I was so close to getting an unlocked s7e with the thought that the updates would be released faster, I am glad I never pulled the trigger.
    When the slowest of the slow with updates Verizon releases Nougat almost a full 2 months before unlocked devices that is ridiculous
  • Say goodbye to what battery life you have.
  • It required factory resetting the phone first, but now my battery life is the same as Marshmallow. Just make sure that you *don't* restore your app or system settings via Samsung Cloud or Google backup after the factory reset.
  • I'm not on the unlocked version but I did all the beta's and have been on the official for awhile. Battery life just keeps getting worse and I do a factory reset before every update. It's never gotten better or stayed the same no matter what I do.
  • I flashed mine with the T-mobile nougat awhile back. Battery life seemed to improve for me actually. Flashed it with the unlocked nougat the other day and haven't noticed that changing. I did do a factory reset both times, fwiw.
  • Yes you did it correctly that's why it works well, you have to do it twice to take advantage of the new file system
  • Must be a rogue app that's causing this. I've heard nothing but great things about nougat update when it comes to battery. The lag... That's another issue.
  • Maybe, idk. I only keep apps that I use and I don't have a lot of them, couple of games​ and Spotify, that's it. Generally it's Samsung apps that come up as the culprits. Ironically I have no issues with lag most of the time. It's like the throttle is stuck open.
  • Yay only 8 months late lol
  • Wait, edge only? Need to check my G930U version.
  • Sammy was waiting to see how many unlocked owners were getting the S8.
  • 😂😂😂
  • They said they figured out a way to get out monthly updates, maybe that way is no more OTA's smart switch only. That sucks but as a neglected S7 edge unlocked owner it's better than no updates at all.
  • I've also flashed the T-Mobile rom in my non edge S7 unlocked vesion. Sad it's the best choice though.
  • This update has been released since April 29! This ain't new information.
  • Well, it's about damn time a Nougat update of some form made its way.
  • But the unlocked models are supposed to get it first!!! It's guaranteed!!
  • Unless it's LG or Samsung who bend over back to carriers and they are their customers.
  • But it's the unlocked model. No carriers to get in the way! The OEM isn't supposed to do whatever they want. Unlocked is always first!!!
  • Sadly, that's why I won't be buying a unlocked Samsung Phone in a loooooooong time...
  • Ry, LOL.
  • In theory, yes. But if they want to be sure the phone will work properly with CDMA carriers, they'll have to play by the CDMA carriers' rules.
  • You may want to read all the gripes about Nougat before rushing to update your device....
    Personally, I'd leave mine on M...
    Just saying
  • And what about OTA updates for those that no longer have access to a PC. There must be millions of people who have smartphones as their only computing device.
  • In the US? I don't personally know anyone that doesn't own a computer.
  • I live in the UK. I replaced my last Windows laptop with a Chromebook and I doubt that I will be able to run Samsung Smart Switch on that. I know many people that have mobile phones but no longer have a PC. Just look at how many PCs were sold last year and compare it to how many mobile phones were sold.
  • Now you know one in the US. I have one for work, but only a phone and an iPad for personal use. Maybe it's time to expand your circle of friends.
  • That will be loads of fun if you need to apply for another job. I've tried on a phone, and it's really a pain.
    Might want to reconsider that.
  • No friends?
  • Plenty of friends, but that is not the point. We are supposed to be cutting the cords on our computers, everything should be moving to wireless. We have wireless routers, printers, chargers, Chromecast etc. Why should we need to connect phone, which is a wireless mobile device, to get an update that can be delivered over the air?
    Almost forgot, isn't Samsung's latest phone the S8 supposed to be a replacement for a PC with its Dex support?
  • Has anyone with an ATT/vz/tmo Galaxy ever tried to just go to a Samsung specialist and see if they can flash it for you?
  • No need. You can use the Odin flash tool, download the firmware from Samfirm and flash the ROM. That's what I've done with mine, and I still get all of the monthly updates.
  • Absolutely, but for someone who doesn't have a PC at home or whatever. I'm just curious if you have an unlocked version if you can just flash your carrier version as a Best buy or something if you aren't willing to wait for the unlocked update. Or even vise versa.
  • I highly doubt any store or service department would flash the U ROM to a carrier phone. The liability of bricking a device or causing warranty issues would rightly scare most legitimate outfits away from doing this.
  • Yeah, I wouldn't even bother asking a store employee to help with that. Your best bet if you don't have access to a capable PC or if you're just not comfortable flashing ROMs on your own is to just ask a better-equipped or more tech-savvy friend to help you out with it. And buy him/her a six-pack for the trouble.
  • What model is the unlocked s7 edge us version?
  • G935U
  • This is what Samsung has to say about why the US Unlocked editions have been waiting for updates : We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience. In fact, we have to get approval from all major carriers in the US in order to release SM-G930U OS upgrades. We tried very hard to start rolling out N OS upgrade within April, but we couldn't get an approval from one of the major carriers. So, we are still waiting this last approval, which is expected this week, and we will start rolling out N OS upgrade immediately once approved. We are very sorry again for the delay and please understand that we are doing our best for quick release. Thank you for your patience. WTF !?!?!
    It's UNLOCKED !!!!
    Why in the F@#¿ are the carriers even involved in any aspect of the Update process at all? No other manufacturer has to, in: Pixels, Moto.. So what the hell are they doing ?? Samsung just completely lost the plot when it comes to the Unlocked market!!
  • Why do I think this is AT$T
  • This is just insane. Carrier approvals to issue an update to a carrier-free phone? Someone at Samsung is smoking something they shouldn't be.
  • Was the same excuse in Belgium.. Got the update finally today.
  • While I agree that this is insanity. It may actually be a contractual obligation. I have no proof of this but it's not beyond the realm of possibility.
  • This is why Apple will always have a leg up on them.
  • Just curious, does Apple do monthly updates? Apple gets their updates at the same time, who's to say if it's "late" or "early".
  • It's a little different. Apple does emergency security patches if the need comes up. Otherwise they do point releases every 1-2 months give or take. Those deal with minor security patches and bugs and/or feature enhancements. The point being that today you still get patches for phones as old as the iPhone 5 and that was released in sept. 2012.
  • Funny, I've had Nougat on my S7 Edge for weeks now.....
  • Well it's ABOUT DAMN TIME! Just finished updating. Still using Nova at the moment but I might MIGHT give this new TouchWiz a try to see if I can bear it.
  • Getting my update right now
  • This will be my last Samsung. Absolutely F'n ridiculous that the S6e got Android 7 before the S7e unlocked did.
  • Same, not getting another Samsung for the lack of updates.
  • sweet! I just Odin'ed this to my G935A (AT&T unlocked variant) for a bloat free experience. Plus using my Verizon sim ;)
  • Meanwhile, it's May and my unified S7 is stuck on the February security patch. So much for monthly updates!
  • The Nougat update is available for the US version unlocked S7 (in addition to the S7 Edge) and that should also put you at the April security patch.