Android 7.0 Nougat comes to Moto Z in Canada

Android 7.0 Nougat has come to the Moto Z in Canada. Our own device received the update early this morning, and we're getting similar reports from a few people around the internet.

The upside? Some great new features, including inline replies, multi-window support, and new display scaling, which fits more on the Moto Z's QHD display.

There's also Daydream support, which makes the Moto Z the first device outside of Google's own Pixels to support the burgeoning VR platform.

Our own Russell Holly, when evaluating the Nougat update on the Verizon Moto Z, called it "life by a thousand improvements."

Nougat the phone absolutely screams. It's as though every ounce of performance has been squeezed out of the Snapdragon 820 underneath this glass. Some of that is Nougat optimizations and what happens when you fully wipe a phone before installing a major system update, but everything from checking notifications to launching apps is not only faster but noticeably smoother. Nougat's number one feature is polish, and that is plainly evident on the Moto Z.

The build number on the Canadian Moto Z is NPL25.86-15 with a security patch date of November 1, 2016 (unfortunately).

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I'll still waiting for it to hit my Telus Moto Z. I know it's being rolled out in stages though.
  • I can't wait for it to roll out for my Moto X Pure edition
  • Moto X PE please!!!!
  • SAME
  • Same here
  • Saaaaame
  • Moto X Pure LoL
  • Waiting.....
  • Congrats Canada!
  • yay... got the update... and now my phone reboots every 2 minutes found a way to wipe it from recovery and it still is rebooting after a minute of it being on
  • Jesus. I thought that was just an LG problem
  • What carrier? The updates seem to have stopped for the Canadian carriers. Maybe they pulled it due to issues.
  • Still waiting for Bell to release it.
  • Bell sent the update tueday morning but I wanted to wait till I got back home from work to update it... I wanted to reset the phone first before I updated but when I did the reset.... the update dissappear ed and never came back..... been waiting for like 5hrs now
  • It's yet to show up for me. Maybe they are sending out on Waves and when you try your phone it somehow removed it from their Wave list.
  • Wow people still use Moto phones? Again Motorola are a far cry from their Moto RAZR days and now they are Chinese owned they suck even more, Google did the right thing selling them. **** company that makes **** phones.
  • Have you even used a recent Moto phone? They are still solid, and fast thanks to close-to-stock Android.
  • He's a troll. He himself has said he uses a Chinese phone, not nearly as popular as Moto.
  • Still nothing on my Telus Z. Hoping it comes this year
  • Yeah... Still nothing. 2 days till the end of Q4
  • Downloading now on my Telus Moto Z ...
  • Finally got the download on Bell today. Daydream is so amazing.