More Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich screenshots emerge

Just in case the image of the device known as Nexus Prime aka Galaxy Nexus and leaked video weren't enough Ice Cream Sandwich goodness for you, we now have what looks to be a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming Android 4.0 as well. You're going to want to see these so make sure you jump past the break.

Source:; Thanks, Anon!

  • SEE told you people it wasnt that stupid ugly leaked thing!
  • Looks the same to me, just on a bigger, HD screen.
  • More polished, but yeah, pretty similar.
  • not the same thing. look!
  • Did anyone else notice that the model number was 'Tuna'?
  • L O L! It's the same thing guy. Although it's more refined and has the buttons on the button. However, I hope it doesn't or has the option to remove them on the Nexus S since the screen is smaller. Would be a waste of the hardware. Think it was the blue from the other one that threw it off. (Maybe they were listening to us say it's ugly and changed the colors). Not bad. Can't wait. Looks good to me now.
  • Obviously the on screen buttons won't be necessary on the Nexus S build of ICS since it has capacitive buttons. That kind of goes without saying, common sense says to me anyways.
  • Actually, and this might just be me, but I was hoping they'd turn off the capacitive buttons in favor of the on-screen buttons. They could pull that off, and I like the software buttons more than the hardware buttons.
  • Somehow I suspect people will find a way to do this, but I highly doubt Google will go that route by default. If the hardware buttons are turned off, that just becomes dead space, and the software buttons then eat up screen space. So essentially you're making your screen smaller any time the buttons are displayed. I think most people would rather have the screen space than the software buttons, given the choice.
  • not the same thing. look!
  • Not sure I like the app drawer icon... looks like it was done in Paint or something. Other than that, I like what I'm seeing!
  • that's the beauty of android...if you don't like something like that....change it. That's not a big deal to change
  • No offense, but I've always found this position to be one of the more peculiar quirks of the Android platform. The user interface is arguably one of the most important parts of an OS. It dictates how the end user interfaces with all the great things under the hood and largely defines the overall feel the OS. Accordingly, most platforms take great care to refine both the aesthetics and usability of an interface and then further strive to ensure that this experience is consistent across all devices. Meanwhile, Android treats the UI like wallpaper. It's an ugly spot that needs to be covered up by manufacturers and third party launchers. The end result is that we end up critiquing an interface (vanilla) that the vast majority of Android users will never even see.
  • Actually I don't think people don't like the stock launcher, it's just that other launchers can do the same thing plus more. That is the great part about android is that developers can see a good idea and build on it if they so choose. On any other platform, if you don't like the icon than that's too bad.
  • I think it looks awesome.
  • Yeah I don't think it does anything more than GB does, but it sure looks better doing it
  • That's dead sexy. I almost feel bad for anyone with a Samsung :p
  • Actually, with Google's new update policy coming into affect, and a Samsung device being first with ICS, I feel like Samsung devices will be better off for ICS updates.
  • Unless of course it's the Nexus S or Nexus S 4G, which are rumored to be receiving the update first. I'm sure that's only because they're vanilla Android phones though. Either way, at least one Samsung will get the hook up.
  • It's because they're Nexus phones, aka Google Phones. The Nexus One was the first phone to be upgraded to Gingerbread (Remember, the Nexus S came with Gingerbread), and the trend will likely continue here.
  • Looks like a combination of touchwiz 4.0 and honeycomb
  • i like it.
  • I like what i see, cant wait til tuesday. Did anybody else notice on the last screenshot it said "tuna" under model #... Lol.
  • Something fishy there :p
  • Tuna Ice Cream Sandwich..... Yum :P
  • The app drawer icon reminds me too much of BlackBerry logo. RIM will sue! :-P
  • Sweet baby Jesus, I want this phone. If ICS is really optimized for Texas Instrument processors, then the lack of Exnyos from Samsung won't be too bothersome. And I have to say, I much prefer these screenshots over the leaked ones on the Nexus S before.
  • That looks awesome. I have the buttery smooth and downright beautiful Epic 4G Touch right now, but, man, the Nexus Prime really has me thinking of cancelling my Sprint service to go back to VZW.
  • P3droid said something about a phone called tuna 4g on verizon and look at this model number :)
  • Smells kinda fishy don't you think? ;)
  • So glad to see this is the gsm version :-) one of the pics says no sim inserted and its the 9250 version which has been known for a while to be gsm. I may have just gsm'd in my pants seeing all this hahaha. First time since I couldn't get a Nexus One that i've listed so bad over a phone.
  • If this is Verizon lte it would say no sim card too so this might be the Verizon phone P3droid has been talking about called the tuna 4g look at the link he mentioned this before the leak
  • in what mad world do you people live in that allows you to think Google would restrict their biggest product of the year to one carrier, a carrier known for locking downing and bloating phones?
  • As soon as i wrote my comment to u the nexus prime boot animation popped up over at mydroidworld and was posted but mr p3droid take a look people... hey do you guys remember that cease and desist letter i think i know who it was sent to :-)
  • As soon as i wrote my comment to u the nexus prime boot animation popped up over at mydroidworld and was posted but mr p3droid take a look people... hey do you guys remember that cease and desist letter i think i know who it was sent to :-)
  • hellooo super sexy stock launcher ... goodbye adwEX and launcherpro... i was so sick of you both ..... and btw all the bloggers and tech news sites are ruining the product announcements and unveiling lately..... you guys need to take a step back ... seriously
  • I'm new to Android but it looks nice. I have a Sprint Photon, gave up waiting for a new Pre.
  • the Pre isn't happening. HP already pulled the plug on it and Sprint Announced a while ago it would not have gotten the Pre 3 anyways. the Photon is a really good choice for an android phone but the Nexus at least on paper looks better
  • im pretty excited by the fact that the charging percent is at 27% on the so tired of the 10% increments
  • Wow, looks nice. Makes the other UI like Sense, Touchwiz, etc look like crap. Thumbs up on this one.
  • Knew there was a valid reason vz passed
    On the gs2. Can't wait till Tuesday to put
    All this speculation to rest for good
  • It looks really nice. My only gripe is that it is Verizon exclusive.
  • That's just a rumor at this point. It's not been confirmed by anyone other than vague "sources." "Sources" were also the ones who swore the iPhone 5 was coming and that it would be revolutionary. I'll wait til it's announced to be upset.
  • the Nexus will NOT be a Verizon Exclusive. Why would google choice to release its biggest device of the year on a carrier that locks and bloats devices.Its retarded and neither Verizon nor Google have ANYTHING to gain from a verizon exclusive
  • I can see Verizon getting the exclusive to start, but it will spread. It's been a similar story with the Nexus S. Started out as a T-Mobile exclusive (If you wanted 3G), then spread to AT&T. Eventually we got (nearly) the same phone on Sprint, too. I'm not complaining.
  • Getting more and more promising
  • God I hope this is wrong.. look at this .. Supposedly Samsung and Google are delaying the reveal.
  • @hatedroid you are wrong in so many aspects. The only reason people buy iphones is because they are too ignorant to use android. Hmm whick iphone will you get the 4s or the 4s tough decision
  • Don't be silly, they can still buy the 4, or the even older 3Gs, or the much older 3G, and probably the original iphone.
  • The Original and 3G are now officially discontinued. But who would buy a previous generation phone at this point?
  • I like how everyone knows hatedroid is just a crybaby. I miss when iPhone people thought they were right. Those were funny times
  • According to Engadget, Sammy and Google postponed the announcement. Most likely because of Steve Jobs's death. Which IMO is cool of them.
  • Ha, still trying to figure out how Apples new hot product coming out in a few weeks is not even up to the same tech specs as phones that came out early in the year. Its fun having to commute to work and sitting next to a proud Iphone user and taking out my Shiny HTC Sensation. They almost always have the same reaction, they slowly move the proud Iphone away from line of sight in embarassment.
  • The GPU is good. Like, *really* good.
    The camera is good. Like, *really* good.
    The voice control is good. Like, *really* good. It's basically a refined iPhone 4. Welcome improvements all around, but not necessarily anything exciting. The performance "tech specs" will likely be similar to upcoming high-end Androids, but the form factor of the iPhone 4 (while nice) is getting a bit tired for anyone who has used these larger devices. If you're talking about screen then yes, this one is probably the first to meet or beat the iPhone screen in every category (which is why I think I'll be getting one).
  • Newer high-end Android phones are sporting 1.2GHz and 1.5 GHz processors at this point, so those don't even bring it up entirely to par. I can see the valid points on Siri (it is innovative), and the camera is probably stunning (We'll have to wait for it to be released to be sure), but overall, it's a catch up step to Android. That's why people seem to be disappointed.
  • This looks nice
  • I like it ,from what I can tell .Will be able to tell more from holding a phone running ICS in my hand tho. :)
  • Are those soft buttons going to be customizable? I prefer HTC's buttons layout, and I can't live without the search button...
  • "Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced."
  • So the fact that the lockscreen says "no sim card" leads me to believe that it is a GSM model, which means its not a Verizon exclusive.
  • I'm thinking it's for the 4G sim card.
    The phone can't be used the way it should without the 4G sim card from the carrier.
  • That's a fair point, but consider that the weather widget can't seem to fetch the weather, indicating a lack of 3G connectivity as well. I'm not 100% familiar with Verizon's LTE network functionality, but don't they still work on 3G with the 4G sim removed?
  • Yes. Verizon would still connect to 3G considering they are CDMA and don't use SIM cards for 3G. Plus if people notice the notification bar, there's no data connection at all and if it was a Verizon phone, it should've been connected to 3G no problem. Unless it was a dud, but i'm not sure if a "no sim card" alert would show up if there's a missing 4G sim card. Never used a 4G LTE phone.
  • Is it this the new Android ICS ? Is very Ugly for me , I expected more from Google, IOS 5 looks a lot better than this, I'm very disappointed , Android has to do better. Note: I'm not an Apple fan.
  • iOS 5 looks the same as iOS 1 2 3 and 4..... What your really saying is you just like iOS more than ICS, no biggy. Enjoy your grid of icons!
  • Anyone else think the new app drawer button looks similar to the Blackberry "App World" icon? -SR-
  • Ummm... I think its funny that people still even compare the iPhone to Android and Android products. We, meaning Android win. Sure Apple sells a ton of phones because they got to the market first. The same reason Blackberry sold a lot of phones, but have continued to lose market share. Android is on the rise and later something will take the place of Android. Atari, Nintendo/Sega, Playstation/Xbox......
  • So ... No Search button in ICS? How odd is that ..
  • NO SEARCH FOR YOU! I hope phones with actual hardware buttons get to use/keep them and get rid of the virtual buttons to save space on the smaller screens. I do like the virtual buttons but weird there is no search. I like on the search key. Maybe it's removable?
  • Little disappointed that they waste so much space at the bottom of the device where the hard buttons used to be. If they are going to use virtual buttons instead the screen should be taller or they should remove the extra 1/2 inch from the bottom on the device. I sure hope that ICS disables the virtual buttons on devices that has hard buttons! Not a big fan of the application switcher, never use it on my Asus tab! If you keep all your primary apps on the main screen, which I do, it's quicker to just hit home and the app icon as you know exactly where the app icon is whereas you need to scan the app list in the switcher to find the app. Hope ICS is nice and fast, hard to tell in the video. Otherwise just love Galaxy Nexus phone but my SGSII is not far behind! I think the high resolution is over rated. I mean really! I have 37" TVs with the same resolution and I just don't think it necessary but it's the only thing Apple fan boyz can brag up as actual real thing that is better on iP4. The funny thing is my SGSII screen at a much lower res looks just as good as an iP4 screen. I still don't see how iP4 users can stand that tiny 3.5 inch screen! Of course they will all say it's the perfect size but as soon as an Apple phone with a larger screen comes out they buy it so they can have a bigger screen. Last but not least... I just don't get why the Apple fan boyz hang out here and troll! I don't EVER go to the iP4 sites cause I couldn't care less. I guess it just shows how threatened they are by Android...
  • There are larger TV's with the same resolution as that phone, but remember that you typically look at a phone screen from a much closer distance than you do a TV. That necessitates smaller pixels on the Phone. Ultimately, it's not like having a high-res screen will hurt anything.
  • Successful troll is successful.
  • Wow, I see a lot of Honeycomb in there! ICS is definitely going to be a welcome upgrade for phones (and tablets running Froyo and Gingerbread) but I wonder what it'll bring for tablets running Honeycomb as so far I haven't seen that much of a difference.
  • I'm sure it's going to be more or less background improvements for tabs over phones. What's really nice is the big picture in the long run. All energy devoted to one OS.
  • My guess is that it will be a Verizon exclusive at launch - and then soon follow on T-Mobile and Sprint. AT&T will get it next summer.
  • Ahhh! My fears are just that, AT&T next summer. I want this Phone this year. I have been holding off getting the AT&T SGII, wanting to see to Sammy Tuna.
  • I don't like virtual buttons that move around. There are times when my Droid Incredible freezes (choking on a poorly-coded app I got from the Market), and the home button is all that saves me. I can then go force close the app and uninstall it. Will the on-screen buttons have system priority (like ctrl-alt-delete) like the physical buttons do? I certainly hope apps will never, ever be able to hide them. If I have to do a battery pull to kill a bad app, it will be like I have my Blackberry Tour again. LOL
  • The OS looks nice. But Google really needs to do something about the icons. They are ugly.
  • Jesus christ apple fucking sucks the only thingapple has over android is battery life and in time that will end. an apple product is for ppl not ready for an android. Idk why ppl say blackberry is the best just a simple phone? For ppphonel that just want a basic phone? Plain and simple android IS and will STAY KING!! Android 4.0 will be a bridge to more badass phones u cant judge the prime solely on this wait till its on a national level far more than apple....
  • I want a Samsung Tuna!!! Can't wait, 3 more weeks :-) I also like saving all the pics and converting them to wallpaper on my X2, makes me feel special.
  • I agree with the people commenting on the icons, they look a little fugly. The icons look too basic, I would hope Google's final product be a little more refined.
  • Oh, it's very disappointing. The interface looks very bad, very bad, you have to be consistent. You now have a total of eight shortcuts! Three in the bottom and five in the dock! Why can't make it 4 4?
  • I am a little concerned about app compatibility. Can anyone comment on that? I remember Google throwing out a warning to developers.
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