Android 3.1 rolling out on European Motorola Xooms

The latest version of Android for tablets has begun rolling out to Motorola Xoom owners outside of the US, according to a post on Motorola Europe's Facebook page. The new version of Honeycomb for the Xoom brings SD card support, UI refinements and hardware acceleration in the browser, amongst other things.

Moto says the updates will be gradually pushed to Xooms in Europe over the "next several weeks, until the roll-out is complete", so some may have to wait longer than others for the OTA. If you're a European Xoom owner who has already received this latest update, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Source: Motorola Europe on Facebook

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • doesn't make since they get SD card support wtf that's wrong
  • Is this 3.1 push totally different than the one pushed to the States? The article doesn't mention anything about usb hub support, but it does mention SD Card support which wasn't in the US release. Strange.
  • Read an article on AP about this. I guess Europe will get the same 3.1 push as the US, but with the addition of SD Card support. The article states that the SD Card issue lies with Google who is responsible for pushing updates in the US. Motorola pushes updates in Europe. Hmmmmm.
  • Headed to England next week... makes me wonder if the OTA upgrade would work for my Xoom while I'm there.
  • Really? Canada, the United States' closest neighbor and largest trading partner and second country to receive the Xoom, must continue to wait, while Europe gets 3.1? Thanks Moto and Google. Windows Phone is my next stop (it may not be any better, but with the way that Motoogle treat updates is really infuriating - mostly due to the lack of communication and explaination than the actual wait time).
  • I agree with deckem. Being in Canada and even the fact that Motorola said Canadian users of the WiFi Xoom will get the update in "coming weeks" now to months is really frustrating and to top it off, the European versions are getting the updates. Tut Tut Motorola. I think I shall now sell my Xoom and get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead. Plus Samsung is better.
  • Hmm, lets look at Samsung Tab 10.1 no microSD card
    no HDMI out
    no 8MP camera
    no barometer (lol) Admittedly it is just stupid that US doesn't have microSD support yet but it's coming - Samsung will NEVER have it.
  • Seems he never bothered to read the specs on the Samy. Don't forget to mention Samy's reputation for promissing updates and never delivering, or the fact the Tab feels like a cheap Vtech phone next to the Xoom's solid build quality.
  • i've filled one gb in a month of having the xoom. 31 more to go. at that rate, moto has 2 and 1/2 years to get this update to me. at least we got usb host support, which is way cooler.
  • Congrats Euro's - 3.1 was a nice upgrade. One of these days we'll get SD support, you lucky bastages!