It's now rumored that Amazon Prime Day will be taking place in September 2020 instead of the usual mid-July timeline. If you're sad you have to wait that long, don't be! Amazon has kicked off a brand new Summer Sale today, featuring deals you've never even seen before! We're keeping tabs on everything going on at Amazon during this sale, and you're in the right spot to find it all out.

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Amazon Summer Sale

Time to get back in the swing of some online shopping with huge deals on thousands of items. The sales are happening right now and ongoing for a while! Save big and everything you need and some of the things you want.

Various Prices

If you're wondering about the Summer Sale, what it even is, how long it might last, and more, we have you covered here. We will be keeping this guide update-to-date with new information as it becomes available.

Best Summer Sale Deals

The Summer Sale is the sort of event where deals will be rapidly changing throughout the day. We'll see a lot of items drop in price, but they could also sell out or the price drop could be temporary. Right now we're seeing a lot of huge brands featuring shoes, sunglasses, clothing, and more. The sizes and colors will vary by availability, so if you see a brand you love go for it. We're going to keep an eye on all the best ways to save, and we'll be sharing a lot of those possibilities right here.

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Select Styles from Levi's | 40% off

The Levi's brand features all kinds of possibilities. Stock up on shorts, jeans, and more. It looks like there are plenty of options for men and women, and you'll even find denim jackets, branded t-shirts, and more.

40% off at Amazon

Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses | Up to 30% off

Protect your eyes from the summer sun. Search a huge variety of shapes and sizes from both Ray-Ban and Oakley and get any of them for as much as 30% off. You can find some of these popular designs going for $70 or less.

30% off at Amazon

Men's styles from Nautica | Up to 30% off

Swimming trunks, short sleeve shirts, jeans, and more. Find what you need to outfit yourself for the summer with Nautica's sale. Many of the shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes that are all on sale.

30% off at Amazon

Watches from Citizen, Michael Kors, & more | Up to 50% off

The watches come in multiple sizes and fits for both men and women. Given just how many are on sale and how different the prices are (with prices ranging as low as $18 or as high as $400), you should be able to find the perfect watch for yourself or a gift for someone special.

Up to 50% off at Amazon

Summer Shoe Styles from Skechers | Up to 20% off

Need some new sandals, flip flops or sneakers? This is the sale for you with styles for men, women, and kids. The options include solid dark colors or bright, flowery patterns.

Up to 20% off at Amazon

Editors' Choice | Amazon's favorites

Not sure what to get? Just know you want to get the best? This section has curated deals from the people behind the sales. There are a variety of things here, too, including shoes, dresses, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and more. Get the best of the best of the sale.

Various Prices at Amazon

What is the Amazon Summer Sale?

Amazon's 'Summer Sale' is an event that will serve as a way for popular brands to sell off excess inventory that they may have around since Prime Day is being pushed back. This comes from a New York Times report that suggests Amazon is looking for a way to recaputre some of the audience and consumers that had to shop elsewhere during the pandemic due to long shipping delays and product availability.

From the looks of it so far, this is a mostly fashion event. The options include clothing like dresses and jeans, sunglasses, shoes, swimming atire, and more. There are hundreds of options, all of which are on sale, and it's all summer-themed clothing. Amazon is definitely targeting a few specific categories with this sale as compared to a normal Prime Day where a little bit of everything would be discounted.

When will the Amazon Summer Sale take place?

Today! Right now! The Summer Sale is live and ongoing!

What we don't know is when the sale will end. It could potentially last for up to 10 days. The email says that Amazon hopes that this will "jump-start sales and drive customer engagement" again. The rumor-mill stirring before the Summer Sale included some emails at CNBC that showed Amazon really wants this sale to "jump-start sales and drive customer engagement" again.

Why does Amazon need a Summer Sale?

We all know that Amazon struggled with inventory and shipping during the COVID-19 outbreak, and this caused some big disruptions for many people's shopping habits. Over the years, Amazon has built up a really nice advantage over most other retailers in that you could simply place an order for just about anything you wanted or needed and it would arrive at your door in just a few days.

As people began shopping online because they couldn't go to stores, Amazon felt the pressure and made the decision to focus on just essential items, but even with that Amazon had a hard time meeting the needs of many people. The increased demand and slower shipping times definitely had an impact on the company and sent people looking for other places to shop.

The company wants to pull back in all those who may have left, and remind them all that it can perform at pre-COVID levels again. As Amazon ramps up and gets things back in full swing, a Summer Sale is a perfect way to test the waters ahead of Prime Day and help out the third-party sellers who may need to clear out some product as well.

In addition, consumers are used to the mid-summer sale and if Amazon doesn't host a sale of its own you can bet that competitors will. Retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, eBay and more always join in on the Prime Day fun, so it wouldn't be crazy to think that each of the companies has already considered what it will do if Amazon doesn't have Prime Day in July.

Which retailers will participate in Amazon's Summer Sale?

Much like when Prime Day comes around, it's likely that we will see a bunch of Amazon's biggest competitors stepping up and running sales of their own. Often times the retailers and sites will match Amazon's pricing on the items, though to keep things attractive sometimes you will find unique deals and bundles available as well.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see big box retail stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and others jump in on the sales. You'll also find online storefronts like eBay, Newegg, and others getting in on the fun.

What about Prime Day?

Reports suggest that Amazon Prime Day 2020 will take place in September this year instead of the usual mid-July that we've seen in years past. There are a few contributing factors behind this decision, though Amazon has yet to confirm the timeline for the event in any capacity.

Pushing the event back is obviously less than ideal for Amazon, so it's likely the company will be using this Summer Sale as a way to continue pushing people to shop at Amazon and test the supply chain to see if it's indeed ready for a Prime Day style event yet.

Odds are competitors are still going to have sales during July, as they normally do, and this may force Amazon's hand to try and match or beat the deals. We will update this as we get more information, so stay tuned.

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