Amazon Prime Music now available in beta on Sonos

While you've been able to play your Amazon Music library through your Sonos system for a while, it's been limited to songs purchased from Amazon. However, that starts to change now with the introduction of Amazon Prime Music streaming on Sonos, which is available now as a beta.

Amazon Prime Music on Sonos enjoys most of the features you've come to expect from the regular service. In addition to a large, on-demand music library and unlimited streaming, Sonos can tap into Amazon's Prime stations, which are ad-free and offer unlimited skips. You can also use the curated Prime Playlists from your Sonos to get a musical mix that's just right for you.

Note that Prime Music on Sonos is currently a beta feature, and not everyone will get access right away. Once available for you, it will show up in your Music Services menu, and you'll just need to link your Amazon account with your Sonos, and enjoy.

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Source: Sonos

Joseph Keller