Amazon Music app adds Alexa support (but only in four countries)

Amazon has added the ability to search through the Amazon Music app (opens in new tab) using your voice with Alexa, instead of ... erm ... searching with your voice through whatever it was it was using before. The update is a good thing, really, prominently placing an Alexa button at the bottom of the app and making it easier to do voice searches. (Instead of searching and then hunting for the voice command mic button thing.)

Amazon's touting the contextual ability of the Alexa search. For example: "Just use the push-to-talk feature and say, 'Play the new song by Fifth Harmony,' and Alexa will play 'He Like That.' " (I'll have to take Amazon's word for it in this case, but contextual searches in music is a big deal.)

One caveat here: The Alexa search is available so far only in the U.S., UK, Germany and Austria.

Phil Nickinson
  • Hmm, I'll have to try it out and see if it will actually play the song I ask it to.
    That's one of my frustration points with Google's Play Music: You ask for a specific song, or even tap on a previously liked song, and it plays a similar song instead of the one you wanted.
  • Should have been available day one? Is this just a feature enhancement or did they really not have integration with their own music service?
  • Interesting glitch using "play the latest album by..."-- even though I own the album in question, using that specific phrase results in playing samples of the album instead of pulling it from my library. (No, I don't have Unlimited.) I have to specifically request the album by name before it gets it from my music. Same behavior in the app and on an Echo, so they're consistent at least.