Amazon hosting press event on Sept. 6 - new Kindle Fire on the way?

Looking back at Amazon's Q2 2012 earnings, we learned the Kindle Fire remained a huge seller for the company. For a while now there have been plenty of rumors about the next device they'll be rolling out -- some say it'll be a phone while others say it will be a new Kindle Fire.

In any case, Amazon has now sent us an invite for a press conference to be held on September 6. The invites are scant on details other than where to go and when to be there but the good news is, we'll be on hand to let you all know what it is.

Have some thoughts on it? Drop them in the comments and let us know what you all think Amazon is cooking up.

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  • They'll have their hands full, trying to beat the Nexus 7!
  • A friend's son interned at Amazon and followed Bezos all summer. It is all locked down, quiet, silent. Guessing it's a phone.
  • My guess is a 5in fire mini with a data plan doing everything but calling, but or with a voip calling service and a pricing structure to turn the mobile industry upside down.
  • I doubt this is actually what will be announced, but any company that makes a tablet with an e-ink/LCD display will get my money. I would even buy a 7" tablet if it had that display. Come on Amazon!
    The displays already exist. Just throw one on top of an upgraded Fire internals and make some money! Who wouldn't want the best of both worlds? E-ink for reading and an LCD for videos and games. Just take my money already.