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Amazon announces 'Mojito' - version 3 of the Kindle Fire OS

New Kindles will ship with an all new version of the Fire OS

Part of the giant release announcement Amazon made tonight about new Kindle Fires was a nice document about the new version 3 of the Fire OS, code named Mojito. Built atop Android 4.2.2, Mojto offers the same Android app compatibility as previous editions, but has hundreds of new features and low-level platform enhancements. While interested parties certainly should see the documentation for all the changes and information, we're going to take a look at a few highlights.

  • Carousel and Grid  — users can choose the layout of their home area, wth easy switching between the familiar carousel and a new gird mode.
  • Cloud Collections — organize your applications, books, magazines and newspapers in the cloud. Amazon Whispersync synchronizes your catalog across any number of Kindle devices.
  • 1-Tap Archive — free up space intelligently. The Fire OS can identify the things you haven't used recently and store them in your cloud with one tap to free up space.
  • System-level social integration — Twitter and Facebook sharing done directly within the OS, including importation of your Facebook calendar and contacts.
  • GameCircle and Whispersync for Games  — developers can integrate game progress and profile syncing across devices using Amazon Web Services.
  • X-Ray for movies, and TV and music —  the updated X-Ray service now shows more information for movies and TV, and music lyrics have been added.

There's a laundry list of other enhancements and changes to look through, but we want to take a special look at one last one — The Mayday Button.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year, for free, The Mayday button is built into the settings and a tap will connect you with an "Amazon Expert" who will guide you through any of the new features by actually using your Kindle Fire with you. They will be able to draw on the screen, and through a live video chat session can get you headed in the right direction with any questions you might have. This is pretty revolutionary, and it shows that Amazon is serious about selling their new tablets.

The new Fire OS 3 is exclusive (for now at least) to the new Fire HD and HDX models, and the devices will be shipping with the software on-board. See the source links for more details.

Source: Amazon (Mojito); (Mayday Button)

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Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • OS available only for the newly announced devices? Dare I bring up the F word? Posted via Android Central App
  • No, because that's iTroll speak. The OG Fire, which I have, didn't get upgraded and my OG iPad is permanently stuck at iOS 5 because it's such a feeble POS, but no one says that Apple is fragmenting anything by orphaning products after a couple of years. As usual, Amazon is tens of millions of Android users to pound sand as they refuse to release an Amazon Instant Video app, much less allow us to download content for offline viewing. Screw you, Jeff Bezos!
  • Actually, it was announced that the new OS will allow the download of Prime content...if you are a Prime member, of course.
  • I like the specs but never liked their OS. I'd root it and flash stock android on there though! There is dirt, then 60 feet of crap, then there's iOS...
  • Not sure why you needed to troll iOS in there, but I agree that the best thing to do is to wait for someone to come up with a bootloader exploit and cyanogenmod build, then buy the subsidized hardware from Amazon, and poof! Nexus 7 with Snapdragon 800, for roughly the same price. I've gotta hand it to Amazon on the cost front--last gen the Nexus 7 was better than the Kindle Fire HD 7 (Tegra 3 vs. OMAP4460), but this time around Amazon squeezed in MSM8974 compared to the Nexus 7's APQ8064-1AA. That's quite the generational improvement. And honestly, WQXGA in a 9" form factor is pretty appealing too. The next Nexus 10 has a solid target to beat there.
  • I think the iOS comment is his signature.
  • So he trolls iOS in every comment, then. That's considerably dumber. Posted via Android Central App
  • So most likely my fire hd 7 will never see a os update and it is not even a year old. F#@%. Posted via Android Central App
  • For a second I thought 'Mojito' was a silly OS name, then I realized that I'm excited about Kit Kat being released.
  • I really enjoyed reading this comment and it put a smile on my face. :-)
  • I don't think amazon parents will like their children around an OS named after an alcoholic drink. First Hannah Montana, now this?
  • I doubt that many Kindle users have any idea what their OS is named.
  • I wish amazon would just release amazon prime video streaming app to android with the option to store offline that is my only reason to even consider a kindle fire... so i can either get device i would not prefer to get video how I want or get device I want and get offline video in not so legitimate ways. This is why piracy is such a problem give us options to do what we want and we will pay. I have had google play all access since the beginning and never download any music anymore. If only amazon, hulu , and netflix allowed offline caching I would pay for all services and be happy.
  • I hope the new OS comes to FireHD Posted via Android Central App