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What you need to know

  • Amazon launches Alexa Together, a new version of Alexa Care Hub.
  • Alexa Together has many of the same features as Care Hub, with new additions like a 24/7 Urgent Response helpline and support for third-party fall detection devices.
  • A subscription costs $19 per month or $200 a year, but early adopters can get six months free.

A year ago, Amazon announced the Alexa Care Hub as a way to give families peace of mind by giving them a direct line to loved ones that may require extra care. Now, Amazon is upgrading that service and giving it a new name, too: Alexa Together.

At its core, Alexa Together is the same service that Amazon launched last year, but gains a few new features that will enhance long-distance caregiving.

Alexa Together gives aging loved ones access to 24/7 Urgent Response in case something happens. Another helpful feature is the added support for third-party fall detection devices from Vayyar and SkyAngelCare, which will promp Alexa to ask if they need help and call emergency contacts and Urgent Response.

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Since even the best smart displays can be fairly confusing to set up, Amazon is introducing a Remote Assist feature that allows caregivers to set up Alexa features for their loved ones, such as setting reminders for a daily pill. And in 2022, Alexa Together will be able to add multiple caregivers, which should give families even greater peace of mind.

The new Alexa together service will be released soon and will cost $20 per month or $200 per year. That said, new subscribers will get a six-month free trial, while former Care Hub subscribers will get an entire year for free.

You can sign up for updates on availability on Amazon's website.

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Alexa Together

Together even when apart

Alexa Together takes the best of the Car Hub and expands on it with several useful features that will ensure your loved ones get the best care even if they're far away.

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