Recent leak says all Samsung Galaxy S20 models will have 120Hz display

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Leak
Samsung Galaxy S11+ Leak (Image credit: @OnLeaks/CashKaro)

What you need to know

  • According to a tweet from notable leaker Ice Universe, all three Galaxy S20 models will come with a 120Hz display this year.
  • The Galaxy S20 will be Samsung's first phone to use a display with a high refresh rate.
  • We'll get our first official look at the new Galaxy S series next month on February 11 during Samsung's Unpacked event.

It was just recently revealed that Samsung's latest Unpacked event is scheduled for February 11 this year. That makes it even earlier than last year's Unpacked, and in the meantime, you can expect plenty of leaks to come out leading up to the event.

Even before the Unpacked announcement date, we've still learned plenty about the new Galaxy S models through the grapevine. For starters, the name is still up in the air at this point. It is rumored that instead of going in numerical order, the Galaxy S series could jump from the S11 to S20. That hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but it is strongly believed that the name change is coming.

Along with the name change, we've also seen renders of what the new Galaxy S20 could look like. The biggest physical change in the renders is the huge rectangular camera bump on the back, and while the front looks similar to the Note 10 with a center hole punch in the display, it is slated to get a huge upgrade.

Galaxy S11 CAD-based Render

Source: @OnLeaks / 91Mobiles (Image credit: Source: @OnLeaks / 91Mobiles)

After seeing OnePlus and Google introduce 90Hz displays into its devices — making high refresh rates more of a standard feature — Samsung is now looking to surpass both of them with 120Hz displays with the S20. That would put the Galaxy S20 on par with gaming phones from Razer and ASUS, and do a lot for making phones with high refresh rate displays more mainstream.

To make things even better, according to a tweet from notable leaker Ice Universe, all three models of the Galaxy S20 will feature the 120Hz display.

That's fantastic news for anyone who loves a buttery smooth UI but may not be able to afford the more expensive "plus" models. While we're on the subject, Samsung is also expected to drop the "e" moniker this time around and release an "ultra" model. Meaning the lineup will look something like this Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  • Wish there was still GPE phones. I'd love a Samsung phone with Google's skin of Android.
  • Camera bumps are just insulting. Make the whole damn phone thicker and include a bigger battery. I don't care about "thin" and "light". I want a phone that lasts through the longest days
  • It's a flagship phone and having a killer camera is the whole idea, the main selling point to justify people spending extra cash on it. If you just want a phone with a decent battery, get a Motorola midrange phone. You'll have to tolerate the slower chip, inferior build quality and crappy camera, but hey, you don't care about those, you just want a great battery life.
  • If they have a very secure face unlock, I'd buy an S20. Not until then. I hate the under the display fingerprint. It's gimmicky and doesn't work well. Currently have a S9+ which works fine.
  • No Android phone has a secure face unlock. It'll be many years before there is something similar to Apple's FaceID.