Alcatel 1X Android Go phone coming to the U.S. for less than $100

Alcatel was one of the many brands showing off new phones at MWC in Barcelona last month, and now we've got confirmation from the company that the 1X and 3V will both be heading to the United States.

The Alcatel 1X is the least powerful of all the phones Alcatel announced at MWC, but it's notable as it's the company's first Android Go handset. The device is equipped with a 5.3-inch 960 x 480 display, a MediaTek quad-core 1.28GHz processor, 2,460 mAh battery, and 16GB of storage that can be expanded up to 32GB.

Those certainly aren't the most impressive specs in the world, but considering that Alcatel will sell the 1X for under $100 in the U.S., there's not much you can complain about. Plus, since this is an Android Go phone, you'll get a lightweight version of Android Oreo out of the box that's optimized to run well on less-powerful silicon. Oh, and there's a fingerprint sensor.

Alcatel 3V

Alcatel 3V

Moving on to the 3V, this is a considerably more impressive phone. It's Alcatel's first phone to launch in the U.S. with dual rear cameras, with the setup consisting of a 12MP and 2MP combo. Other specs include a TCL-built 6-inch 2160 x 1080 screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio, MT8735A processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 3,000 mAh battery. There's a fingerprint sensor, face unlock feature, and Android Oreo is present out of the box.

Pricing for the 3V was previously announced at €189, and that comes out to a little over $232 USD.

Alcatel says both phones will be available "in the coming months", and retail availability will be announced as we get closer to their launch.

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  • That's good news to have as an option.
  • NFC? usb-c? Network unlocked or just gsm unlocked?
  • Well the 3V looks like a pretty good phone for the budget segment. However, $239 is really to much for a smallish quad-core and 2 gigs of ram. It does have a decent display though and thats a big plus. My bid is $149. Take it or stay home. There has to be some incentive to take a chance on a phone maker with a less than stellar reputation.
  • Those prices arent really that great for what you are getting specs wise. Even with android go, 1gb of ram is going to be painfully slow for most (and I am not just talking those high end users). 
  • The Alcatel Pop 4 should be running Android Go as it has the same low specs as this phone and you can get far better Chinese phones with better specs than this Alcatel 1X like my Leagoo M9 which cost me just £58 and has double the RAM too and it's running the full version of Android 7.0 which admittedly is nearly 2 years old now.
  • Let's see... A POS smartphone is no bargain at any price if it doesn't do much... I'd take a feature phone over this... Or a couple of generations old premium phone... You know... The actual phone is the least expensive part of a smartphone choice... Rate plans are expensive... If you can't afford a decent smartphone,I guarantee you can't afford the monthly rate plan.