Adobe Flash Player 11 available now in the Android Market

Adobe has released Flash Player 11 right on schedule and you can now grab them  from the Market.  The changelog is pretty spares, noting only "performance improvements and bug fixes related to security and stability," but the power of the internet (and a handy link from Adobe) points us to the release notes.  Support for new compression methods, better support for high resolution pictures, protected streaming improvements (will help with DRM issues), and many other small fixes -- which all add up to better performance.  These improvements are the first step towards Stage 3D, which quite frankly looks amazing.  If you already have Flash installed, grab the update from the Market, if not, the link is after the break.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Is it 1000 times faster than flash player10?
    I dont feel any difference in the speed...
  • It doesn't have that yet. The hardware acceleration is coming soon.
  • It olny made it worse. Green screen..
  • So when is "Stage 3D" coming with the hardware acceleration?
  • I downloaded it both on my XPRT phone and my Thrive tablet. I haven't noticed any difference, but at least so far everything that worked before still works. EDIT: I take that back. That POS update broke everything, If you have installed this update and you think it is working, POWER CYCLE YOUR DEVICE! That's all it took to discover Flash 11 does NOT work AT ALL on either of my devices. GRRRR!
  • I think I'm noticing a difference. Sites that would have been a pain in the ass to navigate because of Flash everywhere seem to work a bit better. Its not perfect but I think I won't have to dread going to some sites as much at this point.
  • It works fine for me.
  • FYI... Green screen for my Thrill 4G.
  • So, all of a sudden I see the storage on my HTC Desire is full again. It has downloaded this Adobe update and left no room on my phone. I am pretty sure I turned off all automatic downloads and upgrades, but I do it again and remove the update. 2 minutes later it downloads the same upgrade again!
    One thing is that it's jamming my phone, but it is also costing me plenty of MB! How to stop this?!?!?
    Why do I need this anyway?!?
    Normally I consider myself a fairly advanced user of my HTC Desires, but this I cannot fix :-(
  • I'm about 2 steps away from smashing my htc desire into a million pieces if someone doesn't tell me how i can remove adobe flash 11. I don't have time for this kind of crap in my life. My phone is absolutely useless at this point because it has taken up all my memory and I know I'm not the only one having this problem. Don't understand why I have no problem uninstalling any other app from my phone, but this one won't go away................... Thank You !
  • thanxThanx
  • thanxThanx