Setting up your speed dial list

Sometimes we forget that our Android phones are, well, phones. For those times when you need to make a call, it's handy to have a speed dial list. And it's easy to make one. Open your dialer, some phones have a dedicated button, some have a shortcut icon on the desktop, and all have a phone app in the applications tray. Once you get it open, hit the menu button and look for the Speed dial button in the lower left (number 1 above).  Give it a tap, and a new window will pop open (number 2 above) and you just hit the Add new button.  After you pick a contact, you get to assign it to any available number on the list.

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Note that this may vary by phone. It's in Sense, and on the Captivate and Vibrant, as well as the Droid X. Stock Android? Not so much.

Pro tip: For those numbers that you find yourself always calling, you can add a direct dial icon to your homescreen by long pressing an available 1x1 spot, and choose Shortcut > Direct Dial from the menu.  And don't forget about voice dialing!