Acer Iconia Tab ICS update times made known and official by Acer

Acer has unveiled their tablet Ice Cream Sandwich update plans, and the 7-inch A100 and the 10.1-inch A500 Tabs should start getting updates over-the-air on or about April 25 in Latin America, with the U.S. and Canada (A500 models) following quickly behind on April 27. Mexico and Brazil have to wait a bit longer, as does the Canadian A100, but it looks like all the Ice Cream Sandwich updates will be finished by the first week in May.

It's been six months since ICS debuted, and even longer since it was announced, so we shouldn't be too surprised. I still can't help but say nice job Acer. If you're using an Iconia Tab, and itching for some ICS, your wait in almost over.

Source: Acer (opens in new tab). Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Finally! At least ONE of my devices will have ICS before July. Yeah, I'm looking at you Motorola! Showing favor to your RAZR family when the Bionic came first. >:l
  • I currently have the leaked update. It is extremely buggy. When it works, it's awesome.. silky smooth, but the browser crashes a lot and freezes. The leaked update had the old kernel of 2.6. I hope they move to 3.x for the official update.
  • WOOHOO! I'm running the leaked version also and I agree it's buggy!
  • I constantly get "android media" something has crashed. Do you get that?
  • Yes, I have been searching forums trying to find someone who has had the same experience, it started after an update earlier in the year I hope the ICS upgrade will fix that.
  • Why do I keep conning myself into Samsung devices thinking it'll be different this time? I think every big name tablet from last year will now have ics except the galaxy series. Maybe if they quit making the same product in 50 different sizes and worry a little more about our updates they would get more return customers. Gs2/get 10.1 owner. My next phone will be nexus and my next tablet will be Asus. I'm done!!!
  • I have ICS on my phone, and shortly, I'll have it on my tablet. Hells yeah.
  • I did not use the "leaked" ICS because I heard it was buggy. So I cannot wait until the real ICS is released. Acer has been saying "coming soon" for a long time now. Then said February at one point. Then said mid to late April. Now they are saying "late April". I just hope they stick to it this time.
  • I've been running the leaked on my A100 for a while now and haven't had too many issues at all. I wonder if the update will push out to us running the leak?