This 10000mAh power bank has MagSafe, 30W USB PD charging, and a built-in USB-C cable — all for $33

Baseus MagSafe 10000mAh 30W Power Bank
(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Baseus rolled out a series of charging accessories recently, and the one I like is the 10000mAh power bank with an integrated MagSafe magnetic charging. The power bank is aimed at the iPhone 15 series, but with Android accessory makers including a MagSafe coil in their cases, you can use it with just about any device.

The most annoying thing about using a power bank like this is that the short USB-C cable that's usually bundled goes missing the minute I take it out of the box. That's thankfully not a problem here as the USB-C cable is attached to the power bank. The built-in cable makes things that much more convenient, and you no longer have to worry about carrying a cable along. And with the power bank now down to just $33, you are getting a great value as well.

Baseus MagSafe 10000mAh 30W Power Bank: $45 $33 at Amazon

Baseus MagSafe 10000mAh 30W Power Bank: $45 $33 at Amazon

This power bank has it all: MagSafe connectivity, 30W USB PD charging, and an integrated USB-C cable that can be easily tucked away. 

I used this power bank for a few weeks now, and it gets a lot right. The only difference between this and the Sharge ICEMAG I reviewed earlier this month is that you don't get the bold styling; if anything, this is a much better offering as you get 30W USB PD charging when plugged in. The ICEMAG is also costlier at $49, so you're basically getting a good deal all around by going with this Baseus power bank instead.

There's a slot to tuck in the built-in cable so it doesn't just wiggle around when not in use, and you even get passthrough charging here — you can charge the power bank while charging a phone via MagSafe. On that note, the power bank charges at 18W, and it takes a smidgen over two hours to charge it.

The magnetic attachment is strong; it stayed connected to my Pixel 8 Pro even without a case, so that's a good sign. I had zero issues using it with my iPhone 15 Pro Max, and if you want a MagSafe power bank that also has 30W USB PD charging, this is a great choice at just $33.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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