Samsung's SmartThings Find is now present in 200 million devices

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What you need to know

  • Samsung has announced a new milestone for SmartThings Find.
  • The service now comprises more than 200 million nodes.
  • Its latest milestone means that 100 million more nodes have been added in less than a year.

Samsung's SmartThings Find is one of the useful services on the market for finding misplaced devices, and its adoption keeps gaining steam as the service now comprises 200 million nodes.

The South Korean tech giant announced today that SmartThings Find has added 100 million more "find nodes" — or registered devices — in less than a year's time. It surpassed 100 million nodes last September, less than a year after its launch.

“We’re proud and excited to see the rapid growth of the SmartThings Find service," said TM Roh, president and head of Samsung Electronics’ mobile experience business. "In less than two years, 200 million devices have opted in to help fellow Samsung Galaxy users find their misplaced devices – making it one of the fastest growing services at Samsung."

However, unlike last year's announcement, the new one doesn't reveal any new improvements for Samsung's offline locator for lost objects. When the company declared its 100 million milestone last year, the service also picked up a feature called SmartThings Find Members, which allows you to crowdsource your search for missing devices.

SmartThings Find uses Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband technology to locate your lost device even if it's out of range of your phone. In addition, other nearby registered Galaxy users will be able to find your lost Samsung Galaxy S22 or Galaxy Buds Pro, for example, courtesy of the Members feature.

But those aren't the only items the service is capable of finding. Samsung's answer to the best Bluetooth trackers also works for tablets and watches. You can also use it to find your misplaced belongings, such as keys or a wallet with an attached Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ device.

"Losing a device can be stressful, but SmartThings Find makes it easier to quickly locate and recover your device," added Roh. "It’s just one example of how a connected ecosystem of devices creates meaningful experiences for Samsung Galaxy users all over the world."

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