Matter 1.0 specification finally arrives to save our disconnected smart homes

Matter 1.0 has arrived.
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What you need to know

  • Matter 1.0 standard and certification program has been released.
  • Matter seeks to provide complete smart home device support to ensure that products, despite the creator, can work together for a unified home.
  • Companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple can begin to send their products for certification to update them with Matter support.

Matter 1.0 has finally been released, bringing about its certification program for current and upcoming smart home products.

According to a Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA) press release, the Matter 1.0 specification, along with its certification program, has finally been released. This announcement will allow all of the companies within the IoT (Internet of Things) to bring about "the next generation of interoperable products that work across brands and platforms to market with greater privacy, security, and simplicity for consumers."

With Matter 1.0 here with us, this means that authorized test labs are now open for product certification. Test harnesses, tools, and the open-source reference design software development kit (SDK) are also complete.

Members of the Alliance like Google, Amazon, and Apple with products out in consumer hands that are ready to update with Matter support can begin to do so once those devices have gone through certification.

Google and Matter with Nest products

(Image credit: Google)

"This release is the first step on a journey our community and the industry are taking to make the IoT more simple, secure, and valuable no matter who you are or where you live," says Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of CSA. "With global support from companies large and small, today's Matter 1.0 release is more than a milestone for our organization and our members; it is a celebration of what is possible."

Matter's whole purpose is to unify our smart home environments and to take the guesswork away when we go to purchase a new device. Matter will ensure that no matter what device you purchase, it'll work seamlessly with your other smart home products. Matter-certified devices will sport the Matter logo on their product boxes, and plenty of products have already been announced with planned support, like the new Nest Wifi Pro.

With the release of Matter 1.0, we can begin to take steps into correcting our fragmented smart home networks. This 1.0 standard launch provides test cases and comprehensive tools for all 280 members of the CSA. The program's global certification process will bring eight authorized test labs which are equipped to test Matter products as well as its other network technologies such as Wi-Fi and Thread.

Wi-Fi's interaction with Matter-supported devices allows them to communicate over high-bandwidth local networks and allows the products to reach the Cloud. Thread brings in efficiency and a reliable mesh network inside your home.

Matter is also taking some consideration into consumer security, as well. It will be ushering in new security policies and processes that will validate a device's certification and provenance. Matter states this will ensure users are connecting to authentic, certified, and up-to-date products in their homes.

The CSA states that with the release of Matter 1.0, it will begin to support common smart home devices, including lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, window coverings and shades, safety and security sensors, door locks, media devices such as TVs, and more.

According to The Verge, the CSA has a launch event planned for November 3rd, which means we could start seeing Matter-certified products on the market very soon.

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