I just bought three Blink Mini smart cameras for $40 during Prime Day. Is this a mistake?

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Whether you asked for it or not, another round of Amazon Prime Day deals is here! As you'd expect, there are loads of great deals going on, but this one on a three-pack of Blink Mini cameras has got to be one of the best. You can get three of these excellent cameras for only $40 and keep an eye on your home from anywhere.

At this price, it matches the cheapest we've ever seen on some of the best Blink cameras out there. Which if you weren't sure, the Blink Mini also happens to be one of the top indoor security cameras you can buy. This is in large part due to how reliable and easy-to-use Blink devices are. From the HD video to the night vision and so much more, you can't go wrong with this deal.

Go for three and save some big money before the deal is done

Blink Mini security camera - Three-pack:  $99.98 $39.98 at Amazon

Blink Mini security camera - Three-pack:  $99.98 $39.98 at Amazon

Amazon's Prime Big Deal Day has these excellent smart cameras down to less than $15 per device in this deal. You'll get some of the easiest-to-use and most reliable cameras on an amazing deal. So, don't let it slip by.

These cameras come in either black or white to best suit your home's style. When you purchase the Blink Mini, you'll also get a free 30-day trial to the Blink Subscription Plan to save clips from the cameras. If you prefer to store your camera clips locally, you can pick up a Blink Sync Module 2 and forgo the cloud altogether.

If you want to get even more coverage with your cameras, consider picking up a Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount, so your new Blink Mini can keep an eye on even more of your home. So, whether you are looking to expand your security camera setup or just getting started, this is a deal that you need to take advantage of.

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