Google Nest Hub Fuschia 14 Public Preview update fixes odd event bug

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What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out Fuschia OS version 14 to users enrolled in the Public Preview program.
  • Many user-oriented fixes include Matter improvements, a fix for a pesky nightly event presence bug, and Bluetooth enhancements.
  • Much of the update is geared toward developers as Google looks to keep its "major" updates more for refining the functionality of its Nest Hub devices.

Those enrolled in the Public Preview program for the Nest Hub are starting to receive a new update with a few touchups users may enjoy.

Google's Nest community support page states the Nest Hub, Nest Hub (2nd-gen), and the Nest Hub Max have received version 14.20230831.4.72 in the public preview (via 9to5Google). This update, titled "Fuschcia version 14," is stated to bring in several "bug fixes and improvements" for the devices.

The latest version seems to include a fix for a rather annoying problem regarding the Hub series' routine triggered by presence. Google states it has resolved "spurious overnight presence events," which had been reported quite heavily since August.

In the software's release notes, Google highlights several additions to benefit its Next Hub series' Matter support. The company states the update will roll in new "transition time handling for commands related to color." This fix specifically involves users looking to alter the color of a connected smart light.

Additionally, the latest firmware includes Matter update group support and updated "subscribing to all device fabrics."

Several Bluetooth-related improvements are as follows:

  • Fixed media playback time inaccuracy in some situations such as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Fixed Bluetooth audio resumes after connecting during an ongoing video call.
  • Initial in-band audio support for HFP.
  • Improved latency when streaming A2DP to a speaker.

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With the update just arriving, it could take a few days, upward to a few weeks, before you begin seeing its arrival on your Nest Hub device. If you are not enrolled in the Public Preview program, users can do so via the Google Home app on their Android device. Other users not in the program will receive the update after those enrolled have.

In May, the second-generation Nest Hub was finally granted Google's new Fuschia OS as part of the public preview program. Much like how the company stated then, many of the "major" updates don't alter the functionality of its Nest Hubs. Most of the additions are to add better stability or support for the new industry Matter connectivity standard.

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