GE Lighting introduces new Cync Dynamic Effects Light Strips in the US

Cync Dynamic Effects light strips
(Image credit: GE Lighting)

What you need to know

  • GE Lighting has a new set of light strips to make a personalized home experience.
  • Dubbed Cync Dynamic Effects, the light strips start at $89 in the U.S.
  • They're accompanied by a Cync app with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support.

Smart home ecosystem maker GE Lighting, a Savant company, has developed a new line of light strips for homes dubbed Cync Dynamic Effects. It comes as part of the company's Dynamic Effects portfolio, which is said to grow further with new products added to the line-up by Spring of 2023.

These new light strips are endorsed with entertainment-backed features that include the ability to showcase white tones and millions of colors next to gradient effects. In addition, there are pre-set multi-color light show options on these new Cync Dynamic Effects light strips.

Cync Dynamic Effects light strips

(Image credit: GE Lighting)

These light strips are also said to be coming with on-device music syncing, allowing users to groove with audio alongside synced multi-color lights. Moreover, they can also be incorporated with a full indoor setup, like pairing with your gaming PC or for home entertainment with your smart TVs.

GE Lighting says installing the light strips is pretty basic and flexible. They are said to be available in 16 foot options, which are cuttable and extendable up to 32 feet. Users can glue it as per their preference, as the light strips include heavy-duty adhesive.

The Cync Dynamic Effects also come with outdoor strips and are IP65 rated and promise to withstand harsh weather conditions. The exciting aspect of these light strips is that 'Cync power supply can be exposed to outdoor elements without fear of damage or loss of power.'

The outdoor strips are assured of having vibrant bright light over time and coming with a frosted finish 'to reduce pixelation and enhance haze effect.' These also come in two length options: 16 feet and 32 feet, which are further expandable to 32 feet and 64 feet, respectively.

Accompanied by the Cync app, which is further powered by Savant, it will allow users to create original multi-color light shows. The app allows you to manage light strips remotely while you're away from home. It also supports digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control.

The company promises to add more lighting customization options to users to the app, with an update rolling out early next year. For the uninitiated, the new Cync app is available on the Play Store for Android devices as well as App Store for iOS.

The latest line-up of Cync Dynamic Effects appears to be a reasonable alternative to Phillips Hues. These new light strips are available at Best Buy stores and More retailers are expected to get these early next year.

Here's what the pricing of the Cync light strips looks like:

  • Cync Dynamic Effects Indoor 16 ft Strip: $89.99
  • Cync Dynamic Effects Indoor 8 ft Extension: $44.99
  • Cync Dynamic Effects Outdoor 16 ft Strip: $179.99
  • Cync Dynamic Effects Outdoor 32 ft Strip: $279.99
  • Cync Dynamic Effects Outdoor 8 ft Extension: $79.99
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