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Philips Hue smart lights are some of the coolest on the market, and they're definitely some of the most popular, but they can be quite expensive, especially once you get into colored bulbs. So if you're looking for a less expensive option, or just something other than what's popular (maybe something without a hub?), then check out these other best Philips Hue alternatives.

Wiz A19 Bulbs

Best alternative: Philips WiZ Connected A19 Bulb

Staff Pick

You might be surprised to know that Philips Hue isn't the only smart bulb brand from the company. Philips WiZ Connected bulbs require no hub, unlike Hue bulbs, connecting directly to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via the WiZ app. Despite being less expensive, these bulbs aren't any less capable. They can be dimmed and color-tuned to your liking. These bulbs shine in millions of colors thanks to the powerful WiZ Connected app and support your favorite virtual assistant.

Wyze Smart Home Light Bulbs 4 Pack

A bulb for every room: Wyze Smart Home Light Bulbs

Chances are you want more than one smart bulb so that you could place one (or two) in every room. This bundle from Wyze is a great way to do just that, giving you four bulbs at an unbeatable price. You get dimmable white lighting and don't have to worry about a hub.

$37 at Amazon (4-pack)
Cree Conected A19 Bulb

Affordability in reach: Cree Connected Dimmable LED Bulb

The price of this bulb from Cree might seem too good to be true, but it's not. Unfortunately, you won't find any options for multiple colors, but Cree offers an extremely affordable bulb that's dimmable and can be controlled from your phone or via Alexa.

LIFX Day & Dusk bulb

Special Effects: LIFX Day & Dusk Bulb

LIFX Day & Dusk bulbs offer powerful integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as deeper connections to your smart home through IFTTT. Featuring a common A19 thread, this smart bulb can showcase thousands of shades of white to make sure your room looks exactly the way you want it. It also features day/dusk automation settings and works without any hub required.

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb 2

No hub required: Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb 2.0

For hub-less Wi-Fi control of your smart lights, Eufy's Lumos bulbs are excellent. You can change the temperature of the light from cool to warm or somewhere in between. Eufy also supports automated schedules and remote control — all with an 18-month warranty.

$16 at Amazon
Yeelight Dimmable Light Bulb

Works with everything: Yeelight Dimmable Light Bulb

Yeelight's bulbs work with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Apple Homekit. No matter which smart service you rely on, chances are Yeelight supports it. This particular bulb has a dimmable white light, can be controlled remotely, and doesn't need a hub.

Teckin Multicolor LED Bulb

Affordable color: TECKIN Multicolor LED Bulb

Multicolor light bulbs tend to be expensive, but they don't have to be, thanks to TECKIN. Available as a single bulb or in a two-pack or four-pack, you can choose from over 16 million colors, pre-made scenes, and more — all without needing to bother with a dedicated hub.

$16 at Amazon
LUMIMAN smart bulbs

Twice the color: LUMIMAN RGB Bulbs

For fabulous, multicolored bulbs at a great price, this two-pack from LUMIMAN is impossible to ignore. For the price of a single bulb from some other companies, you get two from LUMIMAN. Each bulb features millions of color options, automation schedules and doesn't require a hub to work.

$20 at Amazon
Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Starter Kit

Light-up wall art: Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition

If you want your smart lights to make more of a statement than a simple bulb does, check out the Rhythm from Nanoleaf. This gives you a pack of nine panels, each featuring millions of color options. There are also audio sensors, which change the lighting in time with your tunes.

So many bulbs, so little time

Philips Hue bulbs might be among the most recognizable in the smart lighting space, but as you can see, they're far from your only option. Surprisingly, the best alternative to a Philips Hue is another Philips product. Whether it's the color-changing WiZ Connected bulbs or the all-white WiZ Connected bulbs, Philips now has your home covered for less money than ever. The best part? These don't even require a hub to work, yet they can connect directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth or can be controlled by your favorite virtual assistant.

LUMIMAN's RGB Bulbs are another affordable pick that won't break the bank. No hub is required, you get two bulbs for one low price, and you have 16 million colors to play with. As far as good values go, this one is among the best.

Finally, if you aren't concerned about fancy colors and just want an inexpensive way to get a bunch of bulbs in your home, the Wyze Smart Home Light Bulb and this four-pack give you tons of bulbs in one easy package.

No matter which smart bulbs you end up getting, you have a lot of great options to choose from for kicking off (or expanding) your smart home!

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