Fuchsia version 16 is now available on Nest Hub devices, fixes connectivity issues

Nest Hub 2nd Gen
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What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out Fuchsia version 16 to all Nest Hub smart displays starting now, according to the company's support document. 
  • The update primarily includes bug fixes and improvements, namely to the Nest Hub's connectivity. 
  • It's the first update to hit Nest Hub smart displays since November of last year, and Nest Hub devices are getting boosted from version 14. 

Google Nest Hub smart displays are getting their first update since November 2023 with the release of Fuchsia version 16. It's rolling out starting now to all three of Google's smart displays: Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Hub Max, and Google Nest Hub (2nd-generation). According to the official Fuchsia release notes for version 16, the update primarily includes bug fixes for Nest Hub connectivity issues.

The rollout was first spotted by 9to5Google, and it was first pointed out that these Nest Hub devices are jumping straight from version 14 to version 16. That means they'll get the perks of version 15 and version 16 with just one update. The software is rolling out to both Preview Program users as well as Google Nest Hub devices running the current production version of Fuchsia.

The biggest bug fixes that shipped with the Fuchsia version 16 update are related to connectivity. For Bluetooth, the update fixes an issue where Nest Hub devices were unable to see some pairs of headphones on the Bluetooth Devices page. Other fixes included addressing volume control issues when using Nest Hub devices as a speaker, as well as problems that caused media into to not show up on paired phones. 

Finally, the Fuchsia version 16 update also solves a niche Bluetooth problem "where audio was not sent to headphones while connecting a headset during a Duo call."

Google Nest Hub Max

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Additionally, the Fuchsia version 16 update includes the following improvements to Matter and Thread support:

  • Added support for Air Quality Sensor.
  • Added support for subscribing to all device fabrics.
  • Added support for Matter update group.
  • Added transition time handling for commands related to color.
  • Rolled out TREL which aims to reduce Thread partition and reduce Thread network usage when possible.

The process is certainly moving slowly, but support for more Matter accessories is a positive step forward in the transition. Eventually, smart home devices should all work well together via the Matter and Thread universal standards. Following the update, Nest Hub devices will support new air quality sensors. 

Nest Hub devices should get the Fuchsia version 16 update automatically, and it's beginning to roll out now, with no user action required.

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