Best microSD card for your security camera

Wyze Outdoor Cam and microSD card
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Security cameras have become so affordable in the last few years that more and more people are picking up these helpful gadgets. I say helpful because while these devices are typically focused on security, they can be used for keeping tabs on pets, watching nature, and other "non-security" reasons. But regardless of your reason for using one, it's a good idea to put some local storage in the camera. This lets you keep the footage accessible without paying for a subscription and we've rounded up the best microSD cards for security cameras for you.

Keep it local

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Ensuring you have the best microSD card for your security camera is important. You found one of the best security cameras with local storage, like the EZVIZ C6 2K+. While many companies offer cloud storage for security cameras, which is a good thing in case your camera gets stolen or damaged, having backups locally is a wise decision. 

Something you'll notice when shopping for microSD cards are the different symbols on the cards and other classes. Each of these things relates to the various features and functions of these data storage devices. Instead of re-explaining these differences, I'm going to refer to our post detailing the best microSD cards for Chromebooks, as fellow Android Central writer Andrew Myrick did an excellent breakdown of this topic over there.

Now the next time you add on to your home security system with a new camera, you'll be ready with the best microSD card for your camera and have it up and running in no time.

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