EZVIZ C6 2K+ security camera review: An advanced camera that's missing a couple of basic features

The AI detection features work great, but the lack of tuning options drags it down.

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Android Central Verdict

The EZVIZ C6 2K+ security camera does more than simply provide a video feed. Its AI features allow for person and pet detection, gesture recognition, and more. With the pan and tilt feature, you'll get a nearly full view of any room it is in.


  • +

    Clear and crisp video quality

  • +

    Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • +

    Helpful AI features

  • +

    Offers local video storage with encryption

  • +

    Pan and tilt work well


  • -

    Can't set motion sensitivity or activity zones

  • -

    Tilt is limited to 133 degrees

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Home security cameras have come a long way, thanks to improved Wi-Fi. You no longer have to have them professionally installed and a hard drive to save all your recordings. With AI infiltrating even more areas of our lives, cameras are getting in on the tech. The new EZVIZ C6 2K+ brings features many have come to enjoy and adds in some smart features, along with pan and tilt, to offer a security camera to handle all of your needs. Let's look at how it all pans out. 

EZVIZ C6 2K+: Price and availability


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The EZVIZ revealed the C6 2K+ in late 2021, with a release in March 2022. The camera comes in a single color option of white with a black camera housing. The current price matches the initial launch price of $129.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.

EZVIZ C6 2K+: What's good


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I've used a variety of excellent indoor security cameras in my day, but the EZVIZ C6 2K+ may well be the most advanced in terms of its smart features. The spherical-shaped device houses various AI-enabled tools to help you secure your home and even communicate with those in your house. But before we dive into those features, let's get the basics out of the way.

The ball-like shape is more than just a stylistic choice. Because the EZVIZ C6 2K+ can offer you a nearly 360° view of the room, it has a pan range of 353° and can tilt up to 133°. As for installation, the device can simply sit on a shelf or use the included hardware to mount the camera on a wall or ceiling.

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Header Cell - Column 0 EZVIZ C6 2K+
Dimensions3.93 x 3.93 x 3.80 inch
Weight11.46 oz
Connectivity2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi, Ethernet
StorageMicroSD card up to 256GB, EZVIZ Cloud
Two-way communication✔️
Camera4MP, up to 2K 2560 × 1440
Viewing areaPan 353°, tilt 133°
Night visionColor, Black and White
Smart featuresAI-Powered Human Shape Detection, Pet Detection, Waving-Hand Detection, Voice Activity Detection

Once you have decided where and how you'd like to install the camera, you'll need to download the EZVIZ companion app for setup. After registering for an account, you'll add the camera to the app. The camera can either be hardwired via ethernet or connected to your Wi-Fi. The EZVIZ C6 2K+ can operate on both 2.4 and 5GHz networks, offering more flexibility than many other security options that usually only support 2.4GHz.

Aside from the EXVIZ app, the camera is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

The EZVIZ puts many of the basic controls right at your fingertips without the need to jump through a bunch of extra taps. You're able to mute the camera, access the microphone for two-way conversations, pan and tilt the camera, and even zoom in up to 8X directly from the live view. The live view also has options to change the resolution from SD all the way up to 2K.

Diving deeper into the settings for the camera, you'll find the Intelligent Detection menu that brings the AI smarts into play. There are five options to choose from here: Image Change Detection, Human Shape Detection, Pets Detection, Abnormal Sound Sensing, and Gesture Recognition.

EZVIZ app AI features

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I was generally happy with how the Intelligent Detection features worked in my testing. The human and pet detection would recognize when I walked into frame, and with the Auto Zoom Tracking feature enabled, the camera would then zoom in on me and follow as I moved around the room. The same would happen when my cat would come into view. 

My kids liked the Gesture Recognition feature because they could easily call me with video by just waving at the camera. The EZVIZ C6 2K+ would see the waving and then initiate a video call to my phone so that they could ask me questions or just make silly faces at me.

You can also enable video encryption within the app that requires a password every time the video feed is accessed. This is a nice additional layer of security that allows for a bit more peace of mind.

A feature that I feel should be part of any security camera is the ability to store images and video locally. The EZVIZ C6 2K+ supports local storage via microSD card up to 256GB, making it one of the best security cameras with local storage in addition to its cloud storage option. EZVIZ offers multiple plans ranging from monthly rates for single cameras to yearly options for multiple cameras. You do get a free trial initially, but there is a fee to continue the service once it lapses.

Having both local and cloud storage can be a benefit. Should something happen to your camera, like if it gets stolen during a break-in, you won't be able to recover any of the footage if you only have local storage. However, some may not like the idea of videos of their home and family being stored in the cloud. These are just a couple of things to consider when exploring your camera storage options.


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Images and video from the EZVIZ C6 2K+ are very clear and crisp. The 2K sensor does an admirable job of ensuring that whatever the camera is viewing is recognizable, should it be needed. But most indoor security cameras work well in sunny conditions; where they struggle is in low light. 

The EZVIZ C6 2K+ supports night vision via infrared lights to capture a pretty clear image in the dark, though it only offers black and white video. It won't look as recognizable or vibrant as it does in normal lighting, but the added feature is nice and can provide better context to an event than standard black and white. Plus the camera can also utilize ambient light in the room to produce color video in dark areas too.

EZVIZ C6 2K+: What's not good


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In my time with the EZVIZ C6 2K+, I generally found that many of the features worked quite well. But there are a few aspects that did annoy me. Perhaps what bugged me the most was the inability to adjust motion sensitivity or set activity zones.

Many of the most popular cameras from Arlo, Ring, and Wyze allow you to create a zone where the camera won't notify you or record an event unless it detects activity outside of the zone. This can be very helpful to avoid filling up cloud or local storage quickly with events of trees moving outside a window. Another way to help reduce those unnecessary events is lowering the motion detection sensitivity so small motions don't register — but EZVIZ doesn't offer that either.

While on the subject of notifications, I would also like the option to schedule notifications. I work from home, and I don't need the camera to notify me every time I walk past it during the day. But I do want them if it detects motion at night or when nobody is home. Using a schedule and/or geofencing to recognize when the family is gone would be very helpful.


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When it comes to the pan and tilt feature, I'm glad to have it, but I wish that the camera had additional downward visibility. Unless I mounted the camera on the wall or ceiling, it had to sit on a really low table to see the floor within ten feet of it. Putting the EZVIZ C6 2K+ on a high shelf means that there will be a big blind spot at floor level within a twenty-foot range. A change in design could allow for more downward camera rotation to reduce this issue — or mounting it on the wall works too. 

EZVIZ C6 2K+: Competition

eufy solo IndoorCam P24

(Image credit: eufy)

While there are many excellent camera options out there that don't pan and tilt, like the Ring Indoor Cam, being able to adjust the view of your video feed can be extremely helpful. One camera to consider that brings many of the same features as the EZVIZ C6 2K+ is the eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24.

Not only do you get a 360° pan and tilt, but it also offers similar AI features as the EZVIZ option. It can detect and track pets or people or notify you if there is excessive noise like a baby crying. The 2K resolution will ensure you have clear images, and the customizable activity zones will help reduce the number of notifications you get. It doesn't offer gesture recognition for video calling or color night vision, but it does cost significantly less.

Wyze Cam Pan V2

(Image credit: Wyze)

Another camera to consider, at a lower price than the EZVIZ, is the Wyze Cam Pan v2. You won't get the 2K resolution from this camera. Still, it does bring color night vision, auto-tracking for pets and people, and the ability to set activity zones and automatically check predetermined waypoints. You can even set the camera up to scan the room to check for activity automatically. However, it is worth noting that Wyze has had some security issues recently. Though Wyze has patched the vulnerabilities, it is something to note. 

EZVIZ C6 2K+: Should you buy it?


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You should buy this if ...

  • You want a high-resolution pan and tilt camera.
  • You want advanced AI features to detect activity intelligently.
  • You want the ability to make video calls with a gesture.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You want a low-cost security camera.
  • You want the ability to set motion sensitivity and activity zones.
  • You don't want to mount the camera on a wall and still see the floor near the camera.

The EZVIZ C6 2K+ is a camera that brings a lot of features, but they come at quite a price. However, some of the features available on this camera aren't found in its competitors — like video calling via gestures. It would be great to see motion detection settings and activity zones included in a software update. So, if that is an important feature for your camera, you may not want to go with the EZVIZ C6 2K+.

The EZVIZ C6 2K+ is a great security camera option that introduces some unique features. The inclusion of both color and black-and-white night vision is a nice touch, along with the helpful AI features. The intelligent object detection and tracking options are well implemented, and the 2K camera sensor makes the detected activity very clear.

Compared to some of the competitors, the cost is a bit high, but if the form factor and the gesture video calling is something that you feel would fit your needs, the price may be worth it. Bringing motion sensitivity settings and activity zones would help balance the feature set to cost ratio. The EZVIZ C6 2K+ brings a lot to the table as is — even if there's more that could be done.

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