Best eufy home security devices 2024

There are a lot of security camera options on the market these days, but like anything else, not all are created equal. Unfortunately, Eufy has joined the shortlist of companies' products that we can no longer recommend because of security issues and poor business practices.

But, if you absolutely insist on having a Eufy-powered smart home, the company makes a range of versatile products that check basically every box and often offer the best value for the price.

Security with a caveat

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Eufy's cameras can store video both locally and on the cloud for the best of both worlds. Combining easy-to-use intelligent security cameras and a good lock can go a long way in keeping your home safe — and eufy can help with it all.

The issue is that Eufy was less than transparent with its users about what types of footage uploaded to the cloud without user consent, and the company has been caught streaming unsecured video more than once now. While many of these issues were patched up after the problems were made public, Eufy was less than forthcoming about changes being made and how they specifically planned to secure user data in the future.

To top it off, Eufy deliberately removed some of its security and privacy promises from its website instead of just fixing its products to meet the original standards that customers purchased its products for. Because of these combined issues, we can't easily recommend Eufy Security products even though they offer a wealth of great features for a great price.

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