RedMagic takes on SHARGE with this cool 150W transparent GaN charger

RedMagic DAO 150W GaN Charger
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Brands like Nothing and SHARGE are living, breathing proof that transparent tech is more than just a fad. From earbuds and portable power banks to Android phones, we've seen more and more enthusiast-centric products come out with see-through designs and they're the most creative kind of gadgets imaginable.

RedMagic is anything but new to the game and has become famous for incorporating see-through elements into its gaming phones and other accessories. The RedMagic 9 Pro is the brand's current top-of-the-line offering, and it comes in both opaque and stunningly transparent iterations. If you read my review, you must've gotten a good look at the icy Snowfall variant of the phone in all of its see-through glory.

If you're obsessed with transparent tech and its futuristic vibe, SHARGE's — or Shargeek's — lineup of high-wattage power banks and chargers must be on your wishlist. If you're looking for proper alternatives, RedMagic has launched its own overpowered, transparent charger to spice things up.

Officially released in March 2024, the RedMagic DAO 150W GaN Charger is now globally available for about $199 or €199, depending on the region. Considering its insanely cool look and charging capabilities, that isn't too steep a price. After all, the SHARGE Shargeek 170 Power Bank retails at $199. Of course, the main difference there is that the Shargeek 170 Power Bank is a portable battery pack as well as a charger.

Let's look at what the DAO 150W GaN Charger has to offer in terms of ports, compatibility, and accessories. Here's a quick summary:

  • USB-C (Port 1): 140W
  • USB-C (Port 2): 140W
  • USB-A: 30W
  • DC: 150W
  • Compatibility: QC3.0/QC4.0, PD2.0/PD3.0/PD3.1, PPS
  • Accessories: AC extension cord, DC-to-DC cable,  6A 150W USB-C-to-USB-C data cable, velvet pouch

Apart from four ports, you get a colorful LCD display that indicates the voltage of each port in use. The screen is touch-activated. RedMagic also added foldable prongs to the DAO 150W GaN Charger and an interesting extension cord that extends the charger via a cable that plugs into a mains socket.

RedMagic DAO 150W GaN Charger

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

To make this extravagant charger even more over the top, RedMagic also added Bluetooth connectivity to the 150W GaN Charger. Why would you possibly want Bluetooth in a charger? To control the RGB, of course!

That's right, RedMagic went to town on this thing and added its boisterous flavor of gaming core to the DAO 150W GaN Charger.

Thanks to the Chinese gaming brand's Goper app, you can view the current power output of the ports on your Android phone. What's more fun is that you can customize the RGB lights extensively, from the colors and shifts in shades to the speed and style. And if you're about to go to sleep, you can turn the lights off altogether.

And if you want to go all in, you can set a custom screensaver for your transparent RGB charger through the app. How insane is that? It's not like these practical additions change anything from a functional perspective. But it's the creativity and fun that drive it home for me.

RedMagic DAO 150W GaN Charger

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

Should the occasion call for it, you can whip out the included DC-to-DC cable to power something off of it or use the AC extension cord in the box to lengthen the 150W charger. RedMagic kindly included a USB-A port, too, so if you've got cables other than Type-C, you'll be good to go.

The combination of ports and cords in the box makes this a versatile buy. Just like SHARGE's iconic yellow custom cables, RedMagic's wires are bright yellow and come with customized heads. Plus, the RedMagic DAO has the latest PD 3.1 charging protocol, so you get wider compatibility.

The RedMagic DAO 150W GaN Charger might not be a very portable charging solution, but it's an excellent charger that makes the basic task of topping up devices a whole lot more fun. Is it worth paying $200 to attain one? That's subjective, but if you have the money and the nerdy passion for it, I say yes.

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