Galaxy Buds 2 Pro update lets you connect multiple earbuds to a Samsung TV

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in white, bora purple, and black.
(Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung is preparing to bring Auracast broadcast technology to its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, 2023 Neo QLED 8K, and 2023 MICRO LED smart TVs.
  • The update should arrive in September and will increase the number of connected Buds to a user's home television.
  • Auracast was introduced by Bluetooth SIG in 2022 and paves the way for people in public spaces to connect to a device and listen in with improved clarity.

Samsung is looking to bolster the LE Audio capabilities of a few devices in the near future.

According to a Newsroom post, Samsung details that a new update will bring Auracast broadcast audio technology to the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the 2023 Neo QLED 8K, and 2023 MICRO LED smart TVs in September. The brand adds that Auracast can essentially turn a user's device into a "shared radio station," capable of broadcasting sound across multiple connected products.

With Auracast leveraging LE Audio technology, consumers can connect multiple Buds 2 Pros to a single television. The brand warns that the increased number may vary as it depends on "surrounding circumstances" such as distance and obstruction.

But, the number should ideally get away from Samsung's current limitation of just two sets of Buds.

Samsung states Auracast's arrival is just the start of its efforts to bring users a "novel experience." There is more to come as the company will make further announcements during 2023's IFA event in Berlin starting on September 1.

Auracast, a rebrand of Bluetooth Audio Sharing, arrived in June 2022 courtesy of a Bluetooth SIG. It was then we learned that the new broadcasting technology would leverage LE Audio to connect a larger number of individuals in a public or private space with a device so everyone can hear what's happening with clarity. Bluetooth SIG also informed users of the eventuality of finding QR codes or even "tap-to-hear" opportunities via NFC-capable devices to easily join broadcasts and listen in.

Samsung's inclusion of the technology will open the doors to sharing playlists with others from your Galaxy phone and multi-language support without needing a translation device.

Even Qualcomm's latest sound platform, the S3 Gen 2, features Auracast capabilities. This chip is also aided by the strength of the new LE audio standard for ultra-low latency and clearer calls.

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