Don't have the budget for a gaming phone? Get the Razer Kishi instead.

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Mobile gaming has risen in popularity significantly, especially with working professionals who just don't find the time or students who simply can't afford to indulge in their hobby. There are plenty of gaming phones in the market, but most of them carry exorbitant price tags or fail to compete with the best Android phones.

Android gaming controllers provide a simple yet elegant solution for such folks. The Razer Kishi controller is one of the best mobile gamepads that we've ever reviewed. Our single qualm with Razer's gaming accessory was the price, but that is no longer the case with this excellent Cyber Monday offer.

The Razer Kishi plugs into your Android phone's USB-C port, so you don't need to charge it. Type-C connection annihilates latency issues, making it an ideal gaming companion for your phone. Since this is a premium controller from Razer, you get native support for major cloud gaming platforms like  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, and Steam Link.

Razer Kishi mobile game controller:$89.99$41.53 at Amazon

Razer Kishi mobile game controller: $89.99 $41.53 at Amazon

The Razer Kishi USB-C controller makes latency a thing of the past. Amazon has slashed the price by nearly 50%, making this the sweetest Cyber Monday deal you'll find on a mobile controller today. Enjoy mobile gaming on all your favorite cloud gaming platforms with native support on this super comfy controller.

The Razer Kishi Android controller is incredibly ergonomic so you can play for hours on end without tiring out your hands or experiencing discomfort. It also features a superior build quality that feels brilliant in hand. You can choose between the generic gamepad and an Xbox version with matching buttons. The buttons are mappable, allowing you to customize your controller settings.

Since the Razer Kishi controller is powered by your phone, it tends to drain the battery. However, there's another USB-C port that enables pass-through connection so you can charge your phone while playing with it when it's low on battery.

You can extend the Razer Kishi's stretchable band to fit the most popular Android phones from Samsung, Google, and OnePlus inside. Larger devices like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra won't fit inside, so be sure to check compatibility before investing in this USB-C controller.

Although the Razer Kishi V2 is out now, it is incredibly expensive and costs twice as much as the last-gen variant on sale. There aren't any significant upgrades in the Kishi V2, so the older Kishi is still a solid buy.

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