Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 car mounts 2023

Despite the Galaxy Z Flip 4's compact and pocket-friendly design, when you're in the car, it's nice to have it in full view. Google Maps has become a de facto part of any journey more than a few minutes away, and streaming music has all but replaced radio for many people. 

In that sense, it doesn't make sense to keep your phone folded up during your journey. Many car mounts come with wireless charging, but the Z Flip series demands a lower positioning to work right. To get the most out of your Z Flip 4 on the road, one of these multi-coil wireless chargers can help you get to your destination and have a full charge when you get there.

These car mounts keep your phone secure and charged on the road

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Your Z Flip 4 can fit in most holders, but charging is another story

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a great device to easily fold up and keep in your pocket, but many people rely on their phones for navigation and streaming music in the car. If you're thinking about buying what is sure to be one of the best foldable phones, your old car mount may not be a good fit, especially if you use wireless charging. 

To make sure your Z Flip 4 will work, your charger will need a lower coil that lines up with the bottom portion of your phone.

It's worth keeping in mind that you'll need a charging adapter to get the most out of these wireless chargers. The Z Flip 4 supports 10-watt wireless charging, so you'll need a QuickCharge 3 adapter to fully power it. The built-in USB port on your car may not provide enough power for fast wireless charging.

For most people, the TOPENKE Wireless Car Charger will be a good fit, with its two charging coils keeping compatibility with traditional smartphones while supporting folding phones. With automatic rotation and a variety of mounting options, this charger should work for more people. Even so, the majority of mounts should hold the phone in place while open; it's just that charging may not work well.

For anyone who has concerns about charging the phone's battery all the time while they are driving, we have also listed some regular phone mounts that will be suitable for just any smartphone, including the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Among those, the iOttie Easy One Touch 5 with an eight-inch-long extendable arm will be our top recommendation.

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