Best Pixel 7 screen protectors

Google's gorgeous OLED panels are some of its standout features and worth protecting with an extra layer of glass or PET. While glass tech has continued to improve over the last few years, with crack and scratch resistance at an all-time high, a phone screen will still likely lose when it comes to a concrete or gravel impact. If you want to make sure your Pixel 7 lasts, make sure you keep it protected.

Make sure you have your protector ready for your new Pixel

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Don't wait too long to protect your phone

The Google Pixel 7 will likely be one of the best Android phones you can get, with strong performance and a big and beautiful screen. While it remains to be seen just how well it will stand up to the test of time, at least early adopters can ensure the hardware stays in good condition with a screen protector.

If you're just looking for something basic, the tempered glass protector from amFilm is a good choice, with a few extra protectors in the box to keep your phone looking fresh and an alignment tool for perfect application. With some of the thinnest glass you'll find on a protector, you should have no issues with touch responsiveness on your new Pixel 7.

There's also the TOCOL tempered glass screen protector kit. It comes with everything you need, including an alignment tool for a perfect fit. It also comes with protectors for your camera lenses for extra protection if the phone falls on its back.

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