AC Podcast 539: Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Pixel 5a reviewed

Google Pixel 5a
Google Pixel 5a (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

This week, we review the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Pixel 5a. Plus, Motorola Edge (2021) offers impressive specs and a promise of software updates at a reasonable price. The team also talk about T-Mobile's data breach, Pixel 6 charging capability, and lots more.

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Jim Metzendorf
1 Comment
  • I have to disagree with one thing you said about the Pixel 5a. You mostly disagreed that the single biggest improvement to the phone experience would come from upgrading screens from 60 to 90hz, while putting in water resistance is not a big deal. For me, the single biggest game changer came from water resistance because it's so freeing - you can use your pone without having to think twice about the danger to it all the time. I'm not talking about taking the phone to the pool. But whether I can pull my phone out of my pocket when I'm out in the rain. Or whether I can put my phone on the table when there is water on the table. because someone might knock over a glass. Replacing a phone is a bit of a pain, but when you plan for it, it's not that big of a deal. Replacing a phone that died on you is a major pain. And if you're also on a budget, having to unexpectedly replace a phone that costs $400 or more is upsetting and can really be a problem. To me, in fact, at this price range the higher refresh rate is an upgrade, but documented water resistance is becoming table stakes.