AC Podcast 475: Pixel 4a delayed; Rise of Chromebooks; Huawei in trouble

C340 keyboard
C340 keyboard (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Ara Wagoner swings by to talk with Daniel and Jerry about the rise of Chromebooks as they become increasingly popular in this era of learning and working from home. The team have a spirited discussion about what's great and what can be improved. Plus, they offer tips on what to look for in terms of specs if you want to buy one.

Pixel 4a isn't due until July (or maybe even later). Does that affect the relevance of the phone, and how might that impact the eventual launch of Pixel 5.

Last up, Huawei is in trouble. Again and still.

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Jim Metzendorf
1 Comment
  • I appreciate it hearing all about the Chromebooks. I have one but I rarely use it because I have a special use case. I do fairly heavy duty photo editing from raw to JPEG using Photoshop Lightroom, thousands of pictures at a time. However I bought my Chromebook for any small, easily portable computer to take to conferences. For that it works perfectly.. My primary laptop at home is a 17-in alienware with two hard drives, i7 processor, and a bunch of RAM. It's quite ironic because I have never played a computer game in my life, I just needed a machine with a bunch of horsepower.