505 Games accidentally provides free upgrade for Control Ultimate Edition before withdrawing it

Control Night
Control Night (Image credit: 505 Games)

What you need to know

  • 505 Games recently stated it wasn't possible to provide an upgrade path for anyone who purchased Control on PS4 or Xbox One.
  • Several users found their versions of the game accidentally upgraded to Control Ultimate Edition over the last day.
  • 505 Games has since revoked these upgrades and has not explained why it happened.

Update, September 15 (8:04 p.m. ET): Someone who owns the Control and the season pass on PS4 reportedly cannot redeem a code for Control Ultimate Edition and has been told by Sony support that it's the same game.

505 Games recently doubled down on its reasoning for not providing a free PS5 or Xbox Series X upgrade of Control to anyone who had already purchased the game. The company also insisted there was simply no way an uprade could be offered at all and that different "blockers" were encountered when exploring possible options.

Confusing this situation, one Twitter user found his version of the game upgraded at no cost. He's far from the only one, as per this thread on ResetEra, many different players who own Control Deluxe Edition on PS4 found themselves upgraded to Control Ultimate Edition — something that 505 Games previously insisted wasn't possible. This didn't last long and the upgrade was quickly revoked.

Hopefully 505 Games can offer clarity on why this isn't officially possible and happened by accident. At this point, it seems increasingly and incredibly unlikely 505 Games is actually restricted from providing players an upgrade.

The AWE Expansion for Control recently released and is included in Control Ultimate Edition. In our review of the expansion, editor Carli Velocci noted that it introduced intriguing concepts Alan Wake fans will appreciate but that we'll be waiting until the next full game for any major events.

Update, September 15 (8:04 p.m. ET) — Owner of Control and season pass can't redeem code for Control Ultimate Edition

A writer for ConsoleCreatures who owns Control and the season pass on PS4 cannot redeem a PS4 code for Control Ultimate Edition, receiving the error code that he already owns the game. When the user contacted Sony support they verified that it's considered the same game. Control Digital Deluxe Edition has also been delisted on PSN, with Google links redirecting to the regular version of the game.

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