Motorola Droid Turbo

Get to know the ins and outs of this year's flagship Droid phone

The Droid line on Verizon is synonymous with power, features, and hyped-up branding — and the latest flagship in the line, the Droid Turbo from Motorola, is no exception. Like a Moto X with every spec bump imaginable, the Droid Turbo has a higher resolution screen, faster processor, more RAM, a bigger camera, gigantic battery, wireless charging, more storage and a Kevlar casing. It's also a poster device for Verizon throughout the year, getting the big money in terms of advertising and marketing.

So it's no surprise that it's a popular device in terms of sales and also mind share, with most everyone interested in smartphones in the U.S. aware of the Droid Turbo as a leading device. While you may have heard the name and seen the commercials, you should probably know a bit more about the phone itself if you're considering buying it — whether it's for a gift or to indulge on your own. Here are our top 10 things we think you should know about the Motorola Droid Turbo.