10 essential accessories for the Galaxy S6

We love our toys; whether it's the latest quick charger, rugged case or backup battery — we've got to have them. While we haven't seen an abundance of accessories for the Galaxy S6 just yet, there are still plenty of choices that will quench your thirst for cool things.

This comprehensive list of Galaxy S6 accessories will help you stay ahead of the game in protecting against damage, keeping your battery alive and simply enjoying everything your device has to offer in the best way possible. Jump to the next slide to take a look at the first of our essential accessories for Galaxy S6.

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Samsung 2A Adaptive Fast Charging Micro-USB Car Charger

Galaxy S6 car charger

This Samsung Galaxy S6 car charger packs Quick Charge 2.0 technology and promises a 75% increase in charging speeds over your traditional charger. Both the charging adapter and 5ft. micro-USB cable sport a brilliant white color and work seamlessly with your Galaxy S6.

It's even backwards compatible with devices that don't have Quick Charge capabilities, still providing a steady 2A charge. A must-have car charger for any Galaxy S6 owner.

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Verus Thor Active Case

Galaxy S6 Thor Active case

Becoming a favorite amongst the Android Central community, the Verus Thor Active Case has a unique look and an incredibly protective design that utilizes a shock absorbing core and a rubberized polycarbonate exterior shell. What's more is each corner of the case is reinforced with extra padding to protect the major impact points.

Included with the Galaxy S6 Thor Active Case is a durable holster that features a swivel clip and retractable kickstand that's been built-in — great for watching movies on the go. Did we mention it comes in up to 9 different colors?

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Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock

Galaxy S6 wireless charging car mount

Wireless charging is a great commodity for your home of office, but why not bring that same convenience to your vehicle?

This Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charging vehicle dock can be mounted to your windshield or dashboard and lets you power-up your device without having to mess with cables. It comes bundled with its own microUSB cable and car charging adapter for plugging into the base of the mount, as well as a 3M adhesive pad for dash mounting.

You can rotate your device vertically or horizontally in any position, depending on what's most comfortable for you while driving. From our experience, however, this mount works best with either a very thin case or no case at all; making it a more suitable choice for those who prefer their Galaxy S6 naked.

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Spigen Crystal HD Screen Protector

Galaxy S6 screen protector

Undoubtedly, you'll need a worthy screen protector for your Galaxy S6 that will hold up against common abrasives. Spigen's Crystal HD Protector is an excellent choice, providing not 1, but 2 front protectors and even a film for the back — uncommon with many aftermarket brands.

This Galaxy S6 screen protector comes with a 3H hardness rating and doesn't interfere with touch screen responsiveness or sensors. Best of all, it's dry apply — meaning there's no application gel to make a mess of.

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Samsung 2A Adaptive Fast Charging Micro-USB Wall Charger

Samsung Galaxy S6 wall charger

Double-up on your quick chargers around the house with this Samsung Galaxy S6 wall charger featuring Quick Charge 2.0 technology. Just like its car charger relative, it provides a 75% increase in charging speeds and fits into a standard US outlet without hogging all the space.

The included 5ft microUSB cable plugs into the side of the adapter and straight into your Galaxy S6 for a quick and reliable charge. It's also backwards compatible with all other microUSB smartphones and tablets without QC 2.0, at a regular 2A rate.

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TYLT POWERPLANT 5200mAh Portable Battery Pack

Galaxy S6 backup battery

A solid backup battery for your Galaxy S6 is a great idea. Those long trips when you don't have access to a charger or a weekend camping getaway where electricity isn't an option are where an accessory like the TYLT POWERPLANT can be your savior.

Its built-in 5200mAh lithium-ion battery provides enough juice for a couple charges when you need them and even features an attached micro-USB cable for connecting your Galaxy S6. On the POWERPLANT you'll also find LED's that indicate your remaining battery life along with a spare USB port for charging a second device if necessary.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Galaxy S6 Spigen Case

This Galaxy S6 hybrid case is a home run for anyone looking for a slim cover that can withstand serious drops. Spigen is known for their quality and unique designs, showing that this Galaxy S6 Neo Hybrid case is no different.

Around the edges is an aluminum bumper, that doesn't interfere with your cell signal, followed up by a shock absorbing TPU core and durable polycarbonate exterior. As you would expect, there's complete access to your display, camera, ports and buttons while the case is on. It's an excellent choice for low-profile protection.

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Ventev Stylus Pro

Galaxy S6 stylus

Having a stylus for your Galaxy S6 gives you to ability to be more accurate with certain games, drawing and writing. It just makes sense to have one on hand. Ventev's Stylus Pro not only provides lightweight accuracy, but even doubles as a writing pen on the opposite end.

Available in 4 different colors, this Galaxy S6 stylus rocks a soft grip, a clip for attaching to your shirt pocket or bag, and a rounded tip that makes swype gestures a breeze.

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Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Galaxy S6 wireless charging pad

There's no way around it — the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is a must-have for any Galaxy S6 owner.

This charging pad comes with everything you need to get started, including a 2A micro-USB charger to plug into the pad. There's even a charging LED on the top that keeps you informed of your battery's status. It's portable and great to have around the house or office. Best of all, it's compatible with any other Qi-compatible device!

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SOL REPUBLIC Jax Headphones

Galaxy S6 earbuds

Finally, you'll want to pick up a new pair of headphones for your Galaxy S6 that will give you quality sound, both through the earbuds and microphone. SOL REPUBLIC's Jax headphones are our most popular choice here at ShopAndroid.

The powerful, high quality sound that these headphones provide make your hands-free calls and music listening experience truly pleasurable. They come in black, blue, white and lemon lime colors.

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