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Show season is right around the corner, and as such we're subject to the usual rumor mill churning overtime. What we're seeing here though isn't one of those rumors, it appears to be cold hard facts. ZTE will announce the Grand S in a press event at CES 2013 in Las Vegas next month. The source -- the CES Press Event schedule page. 

Being unveiled on Jan. 8 in a press event at the main Convention Center in Las Vegas, the ZTE Grand S is the Chinese OEM's latest and greatest. It's a 5-inch device, with an FHD display. More so, it's supposedly the worlds thinnest 5-inch FHD smartphone -- although that market isn't exactly bursting at the seams right now. So, it's thinner than the HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly, and according to the folks at CNET, there'll be a quad-core processor of some variety in there as well. We'd expect Jelly Bean of some variety to be on there too, although there's no information at this time. 

The 5-inch market is expected to come alive during 2013, and it certainly looks like we're going to hit the ground running in January. Of course, Android Central will be on the ground in Las Vegas throughout to bring you everything you'll need to know. 

Source: CES via CNET


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ZTE to unveil 5-inch Grand S at CES on January 8


Thing 1: No thanks, I don't want the Chinese government spying on me.

Thing 2: Enough already with the 5-inch, 1080p phones! Apple got one thing right: after you get above 300 ppi, the human eye can't see pixels. A ppi of 440 or so is completely ridiculous; OEM's should focus on display quality instead. And besides, 5 inches is too friggin' big! 4.7-4.8 inches really is the sweet spot.

"And besides, 5 inches is too friggin' big! 4.7-4.8 inches really is the sweet spot."

Maybe it's too big for you, but it's not too big for a lot of people (including me). Everybody is different....what's wrong with having options?

I’ve heard of ZTE but I haven’t known anyone that had one of their phones so I would have to get a review or some word of mouth about their reliability. I like as large a screen as possible for my mobile and that 5-inch size seems awesome. I know my buddy at DISH loves to be the first to buy things like this and he’ll probably talk to the rep at CES about how to buy one. I love my Galaxy Note II because it has the largest screen available, 5.5-inches. I also use the Sling Adapter for watching TV on my portable devices when I’m away from home, using the DISH Remote Access App I downloaded. It works on my Android phone and iPad so I can watch more TV than I used to since I can watch anywhere I go.