Georgia and Rene are joined by WPCentral's Daniel Rubino, a former sleep technician, to discuss the importance of rest, relaxation, meditation, and... sleep! We talk about common sleeping problems, and offer tips and advice on getting better, healthier sleep. Join us!

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While Georgia is a therapist, she's not YOUR therapist. Everything said or implied on this show is for informational and entertainment purposes only. And shouldn't be taken in any way as a replacement for proper, professional care.


Music is Peace on Earth by wellman.

Thanks everyone, you're the best community on the web and we love having you with us!


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ZEN and TECH 52: Fitness month sleep and relaxation special!

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You know things must be slow over at the iphone dept when we start seeing work out videos and discussions. Personally I use the gym not my computer for working out, my computer I use for other things. Kidding, just kidding.