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While it's no longer the latest or the greatest Android tablet out there, the Nexus 10 is available on eBay for just $270. For your money, you're getting what was state-of-the-art in late 2012: An Exynos 5 dual, with front facing speakers and one of the best screens you'll see on a tablet. And direct support from Google, at least until it gets discontinued.

While I'm not going to tell you to run to the piggy bank and buy the Nexus 10 in 2014, if you've been eyeing one now is a great time to pick one up. Hit the eBay link below.

Source: eBay. Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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You can grab the Nexus 10 for just $270 on eBay


I still use mine every day, too. My only complaint about it is that the battery life is awful. Performance-wise, it's still top notch.

Use mine every day as well. Absolutely love it. I have zero issues with performance and the screen is gorgeous. Plus having an unlocked nexus device is always fun

-Slim Nexus 10-

Yeah that's what I'm saying. I doubt he's ever even seen one in person after that ignorant comment. Lol

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still use mine every day...
doesn't perform any worse than when it was the new hotness...

for anybody that thinks its still too old to buy today, thats just silly... if youre spending under $300 for a larger tablet. youre obviously not the kind of person who has to have the latest and greatest. it still better than most of what your gonna find at that price.

I used the nexus 10 for a few days and I didn't like it. Let me explain, its not really the performance im complaining about, but mostly the design of it. Yeah this part is subjective, but its my opinion. And when I heard that it wasn't going to get the translucent nav bar and notification bar, well it pretty convinced me that I made the right choice by not buying it anymore and choosing the Xperia Z Tablet instead! And trust me, im still in heaven with this tablet lol

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Clearly he's never used it. Still one of the best tablets on the market.

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Just bought a brand new 32GB Nexus 10 a couple months ago on a similar deal for $299. Let me tell you. Don't let those 2012 specs fool you . The N10 runs great with a beautiful screen. I prefer it to my 2013 N7 any day of the week. Android on a 10" tablet is very nice.

I used one a few yrs ago when I had it and I had to sell it cause I needed money but I loved that thing. Maybe I will wait when it drops a little more and pick up one. never had an issue with it.

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I had one until last year. Sold it. Went thru a few other tablets. Just picked up another one last week. Great device. Waiting on my Xperia Z2 tablet, but I will keep this one if Nexus does not release an follow-up to it, just because of the specs. Anyone having battery issues, Amazon sells a battery upgrade kit.

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Can you link to the upgrade kit? The only battery kit I can find "says" extended life battery, but it's still listed at 9000mAh just like the stock battery. Plus it only has 2 reviews.

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That's the one. The N10 batteries are fading for a lot of our devices. I just had mine swapped out 2 days ago and no more 5 hour charges. I ran Google All Access during my 14 hour shift yesterday and still had plenty of juice this morning.
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Bought mine in September at Sam's Club on clearance for $195. I've used it nearly every day since. Battery life, if not gaming, is prodigious. Driving that screen while gaming does suck the battery down and heat it up. Surprisingly it seems fine while watching movies

Oh look, you returned to tell us it's 32 gigs, not 16?!

We get it, nah-nanny-boo-boo. Look at the deal I got that you didn't!!!

If there was the ability to my comment wouldn't been a second comment. And you can consider it bragging or a suggestion check for a better deal at placed that carry them in stock

I got a better deal at Office Depot last November. Two years after its release, OD put them on clearance for $149.99 down from the listed $499.99. Got a 32GB unit brand new in the box and they let me get a 3 year protection warranty to boot!

Those that own it.. of course you are going to say it works for "YOU" but anyone in mid 2014 going out and spending around $300.00 for a 2012 product.. Wrong Move.. Google I/O is a little over a month away.. My 2 Cents.. WAIT to see what the FINAL Nexus products are going to be before they go to the new "Silver" Line.. You still have 2 months to save up for what possibly will be a 2014 Nexus 8 and possibly a Nexus 10.. If you Jump Now.. You are going to feel the pain most S5 owners are going to feel when they see the Samsung S5 Prime..

And Jerry..
You know more than you are letting on.... :-)
I know.. I know.. The N.D.A...
But.. I remember you giving the hint months ago about the 2014 Nexus-10 you said in so many words "Trust Me.. it's going to be something else".. I remember that because it got me pumped.. almost enough that I was going to sell my LG G-Pad 8.3.. But something happened didn't it? Something went wrong ( Heat, Quality issues ) something.. that caused Google or it Manufacturer to delay it's release.. ( Like the Bionic in 2011 ) I know you can't speak as to what happened.. but I know you know more than you can say.. :-)

The fact that it's still being talked about lets you know that it was and still is a very good tablet... Mine is great

If we're going to compare specs, I can tell you between a $270 Nexus 10 and a $399 Galaxy Tab 3 10", the Nexus 10 is the one I'd choose. I just picked up a mint condition Nexus 10 for $250 and I'm really enjoying it. And the battery life is better than my Asus Memo FHD10.

You guys are lucky you didn't buy a Transformer Infinity Prime like me. It's a pig in terms of performance even from the beginning. Horrible horrible horrible. I regret the purchase every day.

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The link in this article takes me to a page where it is for sale for $324.00. Google is selling it online for $399.00.

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Yup I see that all the time with popular deals on eBay. They make the price low enough to get some hype and then they raise the price

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ALWAYS click on the "past purchases" link on any massive eBay listing. They almost always raise the price after like ~several hundred old so you insta-buy without thinking. The worst offender I've ever seen is like 360 sold @ $450. Clicked the sold link and saw that 300 were sold at $450 and 60 sold at $790 or so. Sigh. Those people jumped in on a deal of the day thinking everyone bought at the $790 price-point. Shady, man.

I have a 18 month old nexus 10 and love it only issue with it is as of late I'm seeing a smoke brown tint on the screen and I'm worried that I may be loosing more quality of screen brightness. I have another n10 I year old thats perfect. hope there's a fix for this