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Motorola confirmed back at the Moto E launch event that its budget handset will be updated to the next major version of Android, but until now there's been nothing explicit on Android L for any other Motorola phones. Motorola's Punit Soni was quick to put one Moto X owner's fears to rest, however, confirming on Google+ that Moto's 2013 flagship will indeed be updated to the next version of Google's OS.

This isn't at all surprising given Motorola's focus on fast updates as a point of differentiation, and its existing commitment to upgrade the much cheaper, less powerful Moto E. Nevertheless, if you were losing sleep over the prospect of being stuck on KitKat, you can now rest easy.

There's no word on when exactly the upgrade will arrive, but considering Motorola beat just about everyone to Android 4.4, you can bet it's aiming towards a fast turnaround.

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Yes, the Moto X will be updated to Android L


Hope you're right! This phone is a beast! I don't want to be forced to root it just to get updates

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Rooting won't get you any more updates, but Roming will, but well, not in that way.. I have a Galaxy Nexus on PA and that thing is flying still.. Google leaving your device for dead is not the end of the world..

Hmm interesting! Explain more please! So what kind of rom can I install by unlocking the bootloader? Will I still be able to get the OTA updates?

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All of them.

Unlocking the bootloader allows non-google signed code to run.

From there, you can upload a new recovery which allows to you easily flash any ROM made for the nexus 4. No rooting required.

Worth noting that unlocking the bootloader will wipe the device, so make sure you've backed up anything important.

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I would suggest you look into Paranoide Android for you Nexus 4.. No you won't get OTA's from Google but the PA team do their own OTA's so updating is super easy.. Actually my Galaxy Nexus was on 4.4.4 codebase before my Nexus 5 got the update..

Yep i'll do that. But before doing it I want to receives all the OTA from Google itself and when they decides its over I'm gonna go into roming

Disagree. Google's official stance is 18 months. A new Nexus will come with the version making Nexus 4 two versions back and nowhere near a sure thing (*cough, Galaxy Nexus, *cough)
Google makes these cheap enough that you should upgrade at least every two versions.

Believe it or not but not everyone can afford a new phone every few years. And no I'm not talking about people living in the US.

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The only reason why the Galaxy Nexus didn't get the KitKat update was because the chip on the GNex was made by Texas Instruments, and they pulled out of the smartphone chip making game. When KitKat rolled around, the drivers for said chips had to be updated, but since Texas Instruments weren't making chips anymore, they weren't making drivers either. Hence why Google didn't update the GNex to KitKat.

Yep. Google wouldn't know how to write those drivers. They stated for the record their support is 18 months. We'll see if they hold to that or not.

The Galaxy Nexus didn't get 2 years of updates because of Verizon and the fact that it had a TI chipset that was not supported by anyone, including TI. They disbanded their mobile efforts after the Galaxy Nexus was released.

I think that Google knows better than to drop Nexus 4 support before 2 years is up.

Given that the Moto E is just a cut down Moto G, it's almost guaranteed that the G will get it.

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It's seems almost human nature for parents to forget to give equal love and attention to middle children though. :-)

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If they get L out the door even half as fast as some of their KK updates, I'll be suitably impressed (not to mention encouraged that Motonovo isn't dropping the ball)... Not that I have any skin in the game, since I'm running a Nexus 5, my mother did get an X on my recommendation tho. If they actually release another small(er) form factor phone like the X, I'll be ecstatic.

I'll settle for a 360 release date and price tho!

While I am sure that Lenovo is keeping a keen eye on the day to day of Motorola, the sale is not final as of yet.

I would hazard a guess that this round of things (X+1, any software updates) is still Googles influence showing through. Let's see how things go a year from now.

So now we only need to wait to see if AT&T dares to send us the update. I'm not holding my breath.
Until a major hack happens on unpatched smartphones and a mega-class-action suit hit them hard in the balls they will not take OS upgrades seriously.

So again we'll probably get the update at Verizon first. Currently I'm sitting on 4.4.4 KK that I got 3 weeks ago.

I have been using sykopompos' Nexus 4 port, and it is amazing. Even though it's a beta, it is definitely "daily driver" status and worth checking out if you have a Nexus 4.

Awesome. I knew the last android update was rushed and unexpected. That's why the rollout is going slow even for moto. Hell I bet the other phone manufacturers will just skip it. If moto e gets android L no way moto g won't. And I'm sure the moto x+1 will too. Glad to have a moto g but looking forward to the x+1

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If the E is getting it stands to reason the other, better devices would get it too. Now that the X is confirmed, I'd be surprised to hear that the G didn't get it.

Seemed off the bat like a no brainer that it would get the update, but it's always good to have the official word out about it. Can't wait for Android L on the Moto X. It's gonna be awesome.

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Thanks, Motorola, for giving me the most positive Android experience of my life. Solid hardware, perfect form factor (for me, at least), and custom software that enhances the core experience instead of supplanting it. Can't wait to get some L.

if the Moto g doesn't get at least 16 months of updates I'm gonna be pissed

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I actually haven't been as concerned about updates since ICS. That's a compliment to Google for their modern OSes by the way...

I kinda agree. I was not dying for an update like the old Froyo days, but JB was a must have because of Project Butter.

I'm a little confused on how an update is supplied through the various entities. Is there an explanation on how the update supply-line works?

Android publishes "L"
The phone manufacturers then modify it to their specific phone(s) and publish it to the carriers
The individual phone carriers modify it further and publish it to their subscribers.

So either the phone manufacturer or the carrier could delay or refuse to provide an update? Is this how it generally works to get an update through "normal" channels? Is that why some people get it from different carriers at much different times?

Maybe At&t will skip the 4.4.4 and go straight to L before anyone else? And then I'll find D. B. Cooper and his secret stash, and sasquatch.

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