X10 mini, mini pro in color

Sony Ericsson has announced earlier this month that the X10 Mini, and the X10 Mini Pro will soon be available in new colors.  The Mini, (right) will be available with a gold shell, while the Mini Pro (left) will feature a pink sliding case.  I'll tell anyone within earshot that I'm not 100 percent sure I like the trend to giant phones, and these sure do look nice.  Too bad they only updated the case colors -- both the Mini and Mini Pro still run Android 1.6.

For what it's worth, the new colors should be available next month, and an update to Android 2.1 sometime before hell freezes over in Q4 of this year.  SE -- we love your phones.  They feel great, and have excellent call quality.  Please realize that we Android fans need the OS updates more than we need food, and make phones that look this hot run a current version of the software! [SEMC blog]


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X-10 Mini, Mini Pro now in color -- outside looks better than inside


why remove the sometime before hell freezes over portion. its true these are great looking phones. but with a phone launching or being out over nine months after 2.0 was launched is a shame. i played with the x10 and the build quality was great. but being stuck on 1.6 for anything longer than a day is a deal breaker. this is to se and dell update your dern phones nobody wants 1.6 we want cutting edge not old and tired

Im an evo owner, and I don't exactly know the gloom and dooms of android 1.6.

Was there really that much of a jump between 1.6 and 2.1?

As with any OS upgrade there are notable enhancements on 2.1 over 1.6; however a bigger issue is access to newer apps that run on only Android 2.0 or higher, and thus not available to users of older OS versions.